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---iPhone DOWNLOAD:
---Android DOWNLOAD:


HEY! :)

Hope you're staying safe and sane during quarantine!

---I've just released my app, TapStar, a super fun, shoot em' up, fast paced mobile game where you control a star and tap your way through an endless onslaught of jellyfish, squids, and crabs!


1)  ONLINE SUPPORT- Rack up points in-game and climb to the top of leaderboards among your friends!

2) UNLOCK SKINS by progressing through levels and shooting the rare, GOLDEN jellyfish for coins!

3) UNIQUE MOVEMENT SYSTEM- Tilt your screen to move, but don't fall off that LEDGE!

TapStar is thrilling, easy to pickup, and FREE to play. Download it from the links below from your respective platform!

:D BONUS: Reply with your ingame username and I'll add coins to your account as a token of my appreciation, and rate the 5 stars if you enjoyed it! The ratings TRULY go a long way! THANK YOU!

Even if you're not a mobile gamer, please take the 30 seconds to rate the game and support a friend! :D

Ask a Question / App crashes exclusively on iPad (LOGS ATTACHED)
« on: August 11, 2020, 01:33:35 pm »


I reduced the amount of memory from 1.6gb to 360mb, yet my app keeps crashing. What am I missing? Can anyone take a second look?

I encountered this problem when I was trying to test on my iPad in addition to my iPhone.


1. Go on, register a new device, and add your new device's UDID.

2. Create an ad hoc provisioning profile, and select the new added device and download the profile, and double click it.

3. Open Stencyl -> IOS certificatates, and select the new provisioning profile.

4. Open finder, go to ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/ and delete all profiles here.

5. Open XCode -> Window -> Preferences, and download certificates and it will refresh all your profiles!

6. You will now be able to test on your new device!

Chit-Chat / Online Friend's List Feature and Online Ranking
« on: June 08, 2020, 04:27:34 pm »

I did it.

Message me on Discord if you have any questions: Noroup#1394

I went through hell setting up my local server, so you wouldn't have to.,60273.0.html

Mdotedot Online Property Extension:

Good luck boys.


I have connected Stencyl to my localhost server using PHP 7.2 (One of the latest releases).

This task was very difficult to do and took over a week of review, and I hired a PHP developer to help me out. I would like to give him a big shout out at:

I want to release this updated tutorial because I want to save Stencyl users countless hours and money spent trying to get this thing to work, and also advance the technological capability of Stencyl.

This tutorial utilizes MdotEdot's Online Properties Extension, the latest version you can download here:

With Localhost, you will have unlimited get/set calls that will always work if your server is up. Furthermore, you can transfer the hosting to a VPS if you want faster speeds, and if you want it up 24/7.

Since this tutorial is relatively new, there may be a few skipped steps. If anyone has any problems, please post here or message me on Discord at Noroup#1394 and I will guide you. Thank you.

Let's begin.

1. First, you need software that will Localhost your server on your computer.
Download WAMP here and make sure you check box ALL the PHP additions:

2. Now you need to host the server. After WAMP is done downloading, click the start menu, and run WAMPserver as admin.

3. CHECK: When you click your task tray, the wamp icon should show up in green like this.

4. CHECK: Click the tray, click the wamp server icon, click PHP, and make sure you are running PHP 7.2.25 and have it checked.

5. Now, we need to make sure we can run PHP scripts from our command line. In the start bar, type "Advanced System Settings". Click Environmental variables, and click Path, then click edit. Now, you must add the file location of your PHP version in WAMP.
Like this:
Then click OK. Now you can run PHP scripts on your command line!

5. Now we must input our server PHP files into WAMP. Click the tray, click the wamp server icon, and click open "www directory".
You must drag the updated server files into that folder.
Here are the updated server files:
Make sure you use these files. They are designed to work with the latest version of PHP

6. Now we must create a database in WAMP. This database will hold all of our properties. Type localhost/phpmyadmin. And log in through MySQL with your user details. Click "SQL" next to "Databases" and run these scripts
create database stencyl;
grant all privileges on stencyl.* to root@localhost;

7. CHECK: Open the connect.php file in your www directory, and make sure your details are correct. Type localhost/connect.php in your url and see if the page that pops up is a blank white page. If it is, it connected correctly.

8. Time to create some tables in our MySQL Stencyl database. Open up command line, and run:
php -f create_db.php
The script should say "Tables Created!" if it was ran successfully.

9. CHECK: Let's see if our tables were created. Open up localhost/phpmyadmin. Log into MySQL. Open the stencyl database you've created. It should look like this:

10. Now we must add an AppID and SecretID. Click stencyl_apps and insert any text to the AppID and SecretID lines.

11. Now, let's open up Stencyl and see if it can connect using MdotEdot's extension. Create a new scene, and within the scene input these codes and run the scene in HTML5.
Add this into Stencyl to check connection:

12. After you run the scene in HTML5, the results should look like this:

Congratulations: Your new Localhost server is set! Keep in mind this will only work on your personal computer until you transfer it over to a VPS.

Chit-Chat / Guide: How to Convert your .aab file into .apk
« on: January 26, 2020, 11:54:10 pm »
Recently, Stencyl released an update which compiles games  into .aab files instead of the usual .apk because Google Play requires .aab android bundle file be submitted rather than .apk in order to release your app.

This is a guide on how to convert your .aab file into a .apk for manual testing, or creating download links for testers.

1. Make a folder, anywhere, titled "ConvertAPK"

2. Publish your game to android, it will be published as a .aab. Place the .aab in the "ConvertAPK" folder you have created.

3.. You must download Bundletool from github.

4. Place bundletool.jar in the created folder, ConvertAPK

Go to your folder, ConvertAPK, and shift + right click and click Open Command Window here (This might require a separate tutorial to open the command window here).

6. In the command window, type this and replace the bolded text.

7. The command window will then ask for your keystore password. Your typed password won't show up on the cmd prompt. Type it in and press ENTER.

8.  The command prompt will then publish a .apks file to wherever destination you choose. Rename it to a .zip.

9. Extract the .zip somewhere, and your .apk file will be in the standalones folder.

10. Fin.

Ask a Question / Origin point of a shape when rotating on a leg
« on: June 21, 2019, 03:06:39 pm »

I have a star that I want to tilt on the bottom left leg
but when I rotate it completely to the OTHER side, I want it to tilt on the OTHER leg, not the same one

How would I go about doing that?


Back to School Prison Edition

I am a 17 year old app developer and honestly, I'm disappointed with our current education system. Thus, I decided to make a game out of it called "Back to School: Prison Edition". It's available on both Android and IOS App Stores.

Back to School: Prison Edition is an addicting game where one tests their reflexes in a satirical classroom setting. The concept is quite simple, the goal is to dodge books and rack as many points possible by staying in motion and catching fidget spinners. Yes, you read that right. A fidget spinner is worth 10 points.

Each book gets stacked on your backpack and if you hit five books, you collapse. Catching an eraser removes one book from your backpack! Also, avoid black trash bags which slow you down.

The game gets harder as you progress and soon you're watching out for books flying in all directions clicking away at the screen running and jumping in a frenzy.

The game is fun, addicting, and heart-stopping  because you're always under constant threat of being hit by books. The game itself carries an interesting real-life concept which will be described below


My app is a spitting image of school. We're stuck in a crappy classroom being hit over and over by books. Yeah, "learn this and get ahead in life". Unfortunately,  there isn't much learning.

Here's a realistic example of what our education is like:

*Memorize this for the test*
*takes test*
*forgets all the info the next week*

Why did we even learn the material in the first place if we're going to forget it? It's ridiculous. Also, the reason we forget the info in such a short time is because we simply don't use it.

For instance, when was the last time someone asked you to recall a literary device? Or prove a math formula? Or balance a chemical equation? Or recall some specific historical event? The chances are slim to none.

Unfortunately, we're just judged by our transcripts and GPAs. It's not about how creative or intellectual you are, it's about how much you can memorize and pass tests. That's just sad. The worst part is that we have to go through this 5/7 days of the week and bear homework on weekends.

School is like a prison. In fact, I've even added some prison elements to my game to express this. For instance, the main character is in jail clothes. Within the game you'll find handcuffs, and assortments which contribute to a prison-like environment. But at the end of the day, it's a really fun, satirical game based on a real life issue.

I'm hoping to get exposure on the matter and my app.  Education isn't talked about much and it seems like everyone goes with what's given instead of questioning it.

Developer's Note

Please share with your friends and write a 5-star review if possible! I appreciate it so much! I've spent countless Friday nights working on it, fixing bugs, drawing, and uploading to the App Store with certificates to ensure a great user experience. This is by far my greatest feat in life which I only accomplished through envisioning, determination, and self-discipline to remain focused.

Ask a Question / Uploading to IOS missing game icon
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:47:14 pm »
Hello all, I have made it this far.

Whenever I upload to IOS, I come across one stinking issue- just one.

It says that my app is missing a 1024x1024 game icon, however I have a game icon already added to game settings and icon 1024... thus I am confused...

I opened my app in Xcode, and saw that I was missing the App Store 1024x1024 icon. How can I add this to stencyl? I can't directly publish from Xcode.

Ask a Question / Need Help with Xcode IOS S
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:30:33 pm »
Hello, I need help.

I purchased an Apple Dev membership and downloaded everything, coding profile, provisional (adhoc, distribution, and development) yet I still get a code signing error.

It says

Code Signing Error: No profiles for 'com.iwinner.ihateschool' were found. Xcode couldn't find any IOS app development provisioning profiles matching 'com.iwinner.ihateschool'. Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild

Ask a Question / What's the best ad revenue company?
« on: July 20, 2017, 07:24:08 pm »
Which company gives the most revenue and has the highest variety of ads? AppLovin? Unity ads?

Ask a Question / Looking for guidance on IAPs
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:53:11 pm »
Can anyone guide me step by step how to setup inapp purchases? I dont have a IOS developer license and I've never done it before

Ask a Question / Layout/Design/Gfx Advice Needed
« on: June 15, 2017, 03:45:35 pm »

Updated design:

Hi there,

How does this look? Please give me suggestions/layout changes


Ask a Question / How can I improve this?
« on: June 03, 2017, 08:34:21 am »
This pops up when you die

What do you guys think? How can I improve this?

Ask a Question / How do I make a timer for stats?
« on: June 01, 2017, 10:36:25 am »
I would like to display hours, minutes, and seconds played.

I have an idea, I would input "Add 1 to seconds every second" and "Divide seconds/60 then set equal to minutes"

However, I always get a decimal. I want a whole number so I could set the remainder equal to the preceding value.
For instance, 620/60= 10 minutes
620-(10x6)= 20 seconds

Stats would show 10 minutes and 20 seconds

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