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Suggestion Archives / Attributes Categories
« on: June 17, 2016, 05:23:26 pm »
Global / Game attributes

It would be good if Global / game attributes could be listed in the code blocks by category, when you have loads of global attributes, having them split by category in the settings is good, but would be good if you could list them in the behaviours by category, as it is now they are just listed in alpha order and when you have loads of them, listing in category sections would be helpful.

Local Attributes

Have the ability to define local attributes by category, when you have 30 + local attributes for a scene behaviour, it gets messy.
If we could have the ability to define a tree view with categories like global attributes in a local behaviour, then it will be easier to manage..

So i have finished testing on Android and in flash, and the origin points of my actors work correctly..

Time to deploy to iOS, and the same code works differently in iOS, the origin points are different.
So one of the actors has an origin point left center, this works fine on Android and flash, but the origin point is set to bottom left on the iOS simulator (have not tried on an actual iOS device yet)

This is on build 9140.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue, i have searched the forums for info, and there was a post from 2012, but no one else has mentioned it..

Justin, if you read this, this is the same game you helped me with on the memory issue..

I'm currently using the standard Admob ads in my apps, but if i wanted to start using LeadBolt or any other ad network. I believe i could download an extension and add Leadbolt or Unity Ads only etc..

But could i instead just add a new ad network to my existing admob account and just use the current Ad Unit ID that is already in my apps to start displaying rewarded video or ads from other providers? Without actually updating my app with new extensions or Ad unit IDs?


iPhone / iPad / Android / Balloon Pop Party (Kids) (Android)
« on: April 21, 2016, 10:44:48 am »
Something I put together for my daughter a few weeks ago..

its more aimed at 1-5 yr olds (depending on child ability)

Totally free, no ads etc, as i don't believe kids games should have ads.

Hold the cog to access the menu.


- No Ads!!!
- 100% Free!!

- 6 Colored Balloons
- 6 Animal Face Balloons
- 1-10 Numbered Balloons
- a-z Alphabet Balloons

Popped Balloon Surprises
- Rainbows
- Stars
- Hearts
- Balloon Animals

Fully Configurable Options (See the changes as they are made)
- Balloon Size
- Balloon Speed
- Balloon Quantity
- Balloon Faces On/Off
- Balloon Surprises On/Off
- Balloon Numbers On/Off
- Balloon Letters On/Off

- Music Volume
- Sound Volume
- Voice Volume

- Speak Colors On/Off
- Speak Numbers On/Off
- Speak Letters On/Off
- US / UK English (z)

Bug Archives / Collision Shapes (Groups) Issue / Bug
« on: April 08, 2016, 02:37:56 pm »
I have the following issue, i think its a bug.. but here goes

2 Actors In the Actors Group
Both Actors have a collision shape, set as sensor, but are in a new group BOX (Child Group, different from parent group Actors)

Groups Setup as
Actors can collide with Actors and BOX
BOX can collide with Actors and BOX

If the actors hit each other, with a code collision detection on Group BOX hits Group BOX, it doesn't register

If you change the parent group of one of the actors to group BOX, it registers the collision code.

it doesn't register a collision for BOX on BOX collision shape if the parent types are not BOX

I have attached a stencyl file for anyone to look at, am i doing something silly, or is this a bug?
All code is in the scene. Run to see the collision and result, then change one of the actors Parent Groups to BOX, rerun and see it registers the collision.

I think its a bug, as its not running the code on collision of shapes with groups different to the parent group.

Ask a Question / Actor Origin Points
« on: March 17, 2016, 08:01:20 am »
I'm trying to do something strange with spinning actors.

I have managed to nearly achieve what i need, but is there a way to set the origin point of an actor at runtime?
I realise I can setup multiple actor animations with different origin points, but that would result in loads of animations.

Also, you can set the origin point massively into a positive number, far outside the collision box, but you cannot set a negative point. This is actually something i need. So wondered if there was a way to code origin points, thus i might be able to set a negative x or y.


Resolved Questions / [Resolved] Animated Tile Performance
« on: March 04, 2016, 08:08:36 am »
Edit: Post title changed to reflect the issue.

Animated tiles off screen drops performance by loads.

----Original Post----
I have an issue with performance with the following, and wonder if anyone can help me resolve the issue.

I have an actor being pushed along with a force, this actor is set to always active so isn't killed when just out of the screen.
The force is calculated when touching tiles with a certain bit of data

I get 60 FPS when the actor is being pushed along when on screen.
As soon as I move the actor just out of the screen, my frame rate plummets to 35-40, I don't understand why an actor that is moving anyway, would cause such bad frame rate drops by just being moved out of the scene by a few pixels.

Nothing else is happening in the scene other than the push force on this actor

Has anyone else encountered this before?

I'm going to try and change the force push to a set speed of X, to see if that helps matters. Also change the trigger from tile collision to something else to see what it is that might be slowing it down when just off screen.

It maybe that an actor / tile collision with data off screen is causing it to slow down. I'll experiment and see what the issue is.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Crazy Golf (Android) Released!!
« on: February 25, 2016, 12:18:06 pm »
Edited Original Post to make it tidy

I have finally released my first game on Android, with iOS to follow..

New video here -


I plan to include a new course and/or challenge about every 2 weeks
I have many many more fun additions to add to the game, I could have just carried on developing, but wanted to get it released, then add content over time..

@Squarepug - Thanks again for your comments, I took the last 2-3 weeks to tweak a few things, trying to make it more consistent in the graphics area.

PS, a quick thank you to all who have helped me or provided solutions to threads which have helped me over the last few months!! I do think this community is one of the best, and has made me stick with Stencyl..!!!

Bug Archives / Scene Draw Text Performance
« on: February 14, 2016, 02:43:38 am »
I was having some performance issues running on android, and after testing 10's of different scenarios I have found out what is causing my FPS drops.

All Scenes 1-10 No Draw text I get 60 FPS on every scene - Perfect performance on Android

Draw text enabled (Scene), (all it does it draw a scene number etc top left, and scene score top right. It doesn't do any calculations on positioning, all X and Y values are preset)

I get 40-60 with draw text.

Moving scene 40-45, not moving 56-60

It seems to me that I would be better off changing this text to Anchored actors for a massive performance gain.. which makes no sense.. Its only text..

I'm guessing the performance drop is caused by the text being kept in position relative to the screen / scene.. Constantly calculating the X Y values relative to the camera position in the scene

Anchored actors seem to behave far better performance wise than Scene text drawing for a HUD

I have a bunch of anchored actors already on the screen  (7 of them, and they run fine at 60FPS with fast moving scenes) as soon as a bit of text is added, bam, 40 fps on a moving scene

Has anyone else encountered this before?
I think i'll go with Anchored Actors, and update the text in the actor, this should in theory work better as the text is positioned on screen in the actor, and not relative to the screen / scene.

Ask a Question / New Android Feature - Promotions
« on: January 26, 2016, 11:04:09 am »
I have just seen a new android feature promotions, which is something I think i can use to promote..

Take a look at promotions here -

My question is, the article states "To support promotion codes, your app should call the getPurchases() method whenever the app starts or resumes"

Does this mean I just need to call the restore purchases code when i run my app?

Ask a Question / Video Creation Tools - Suggestions?
« on: January 14, 2016, 10:51:47 am »
I'm close to finishing my game, and am now looking at video creation.

I can capture game video from the PC using Open Broadcast Software..
Once that's done, i'd like to create a video compilation of scenes.

Multiple game play shots in one scene, like 4 videos in one, different sizes, maybe even moving around.
Text display on the screen detailing features etc.
and of course music, maybe even have the video change using the beat of the music..

I'm not sure if there is any free software that would accomplish what I'm after, but I would like some of your suggestions on what you recommend or use?


Bug Archives / Build 8868 - Bugs Found So far
« on: January 08, 2016, 05:16:23 pm »
All i have done is update the install, and rebuild my app

So far, ads seem to display even if they are set to hide, this is just using banner, not the new ads, as i have not changed anything in the code, i have simply rebuilt using the new version.
The banner ads are now stretched across the top of the screen, where as before they were square, and in the centre.

Full screen scale to fit, causes issues on my device, graphical glitches where the home back buttons are, the tiles pop in and out before the edge of the screen, around the home button bar

Please see attached Screen.. White section = removed as work in progress

1. The Ad is all that way across the top now, before it was square in the centre (also shouldn't be displaying)
2. The right side, background colour is black, and tiles are disapearing well before the edge of the screen..

Ask a Question / Java Latest Version (Upgrade or Not)
« on: December 09, 2015, 02:54:03 am »
I was just installing Stencyl on a laptop for portability.. and I have to install Java again..
I can install the same version that is on my desktop or upgrade to a new version, 60 vs 66, what benefits will there be in upgrading the java version?

Or should I stay on the same version as its better to stay with the same config across machines?

Resolved Questions / [Resolved] Game Saves and Deploying App Updates
« on: December 01, 2015, 09:10:33 am »
I have had a good look for other posts but haven't found any so here is my question..

Scenario: Game deployed to iOS / Android as version 1

Version 1 has Game attributes (Examples)

HiScore - Number (0)
Level 1 - List containing
0 - 50
1 - 100
2 - 200
3 - 300

User plays game,  saves game (Attributes above are saved locally to the device)

Version 2 is Released with updates to Game attributes below
Level 1 - List containing
0 - 51  (updated)
1 - 101  (updated)
2 - 202  (updated)
3 - 303  (updated)
4 - 404 (New)

User Updates game to version 2

As I understand it the Users game will load the saved attributes and the following will be used in the game

HiScore - What the user had before
Level 1 - List now contains
0 - 50 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
1 - 100 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
2 - 200 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
3 - 300 (Version 1 value loaded from save)
4 - 404 (This is a new item in the list for version 2, and will persist? or will this item be removed because its not in the user save data?)

If all data is lost on load, assuming the solution would be to Load the user data, update the list values from code, then save again.. Thus making sure no new updated data is lost?


Ask a Question / Referencing any Region
« on: August 21, 2015, 10:04:05 am »
I would like my actor to change layers when entering a region, I have lots of regions that do the same thing.
I have been searching for solutions on this all afternoon, and finally had to post a question..

Is there any way to specify any region using events, rather than actually having to choose a region in a scene.

I currently have 2 events for one region (Region 0)

1 event for entering a region 0 - thus changing layer of the player actor
1 event for leaving a region 0 - thus changing the layer of the player back to the original layer.

I have this working on 1 region currently (region 0), but need it to happen across all regions throughout a scene.

other than having loads of enters region and leaves region events, specifying all the regions in a scene. I'd like to have just 2 events that trigger on any region.. Is this possible?

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