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Ask a Question / Referencing any Region
« on: August 21, 2015, 10:04:05 am »
I would like my actor to change layers when entering a region, I have lots of regions that do the same thing.
I have been searching for solutions on this all afternoon, and finally had to post a question..

Is there any way to specify any region using events, rather than actually having to choose a region in a scene.

I currently have 2 events for one region (Region 0)

1 event for entering a region 0 - thus changing layer of the player actor
1 event for leaving a region 0 - thus changing the layer of the player back to the original layer.

I have this working on 1 region currently (region 0), but need it to happen across all regions throughout a scene.

other than having loads of enters region and leaves region events, specifying all the regions in a scene. I'd like to have just 2 events that trigger on any region.. Is this possible?

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