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Ask a Question / Re: Getting pinball flippers to push ball
« on: April 16, 2018, 12:26:08 am »
I hadn't accounted for checking if the flipper was moving. Thanks, that idea helped a lot.

I've attached a screenshot with the new code and a stencyl file for curious onlookers. 

Given that I'm a noob there's probably a much better way to handle this.. So if anyone comes up with a better behavior, please do share.

On the released event, move the "set flipper up to 'false' " above the "do after". Just like you have done for the pressed event.
How do you handle the event, when user presses the button key, while the flipper is still moving between positions (either up or down)? Do you stop the current movement?
Something like, if actor has turning speed, stop it, and then start the new turning.

Ask a Question / Re: Getting pinball flippers to push ball
« on: April 15, 2018, 09:52:33 pm »
I have a pinball game but it's so old I'd have upgrade it from Stencyl 2.2. If I remember right, though, what I did was apply a turning force when the flipper key was pressed, then a force in the opposite direction when the key was released. Just be sure to set the actor origin to the center of the flipper spindle.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Bare with me, my knowledge of Stencyl is still pretty limited... I've done a course on Udemy by Innes Borkwood and a couple of tutorials by the 'Indie Station' guy on YouTube.  I haven't done much with turning force, yet... but I think I understand.

I've attached the code blocks I've used to attempt using turn force on the flippers. It's not really going to plan :/ The flipper doesn't return to it's starting position properly :S

Ask a Question / [Solved] Getting pinball flippers to push ball
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:45:30 pm »
I'm trying to create a basic pinball game framework. I searched for examples or templates to go off but anything I found was for older Stencyl versions and no longer works.

I've attached the game file (.stencyl) for what I have so far. If anyone is willing to take a look under the hood and help me to design behavior for the flippers to push the ball upward, that would be very appreciated. Thanks.

(The reason for no gap between the flippers is for testing.  Once the bahavior is sorted out I'll space them apart)
(Flippers are controlled with Z and X keys)

If I recall correctly, simple physics was not always an option. You'll likely find older games used Box2D when it wasn't necessary.

Unless you're doing something really off the wall, your memory usage will be dominated by graphics and sound, not your code. On the other hand, Box2D routines generally demand more from the CPU. Most resource issues can be fixed later by cleaning up your code, if there's even a problem at all. So I wouldn't worry about it. Find something that works. If by chance you do run into a memory or CPU usage issue, then know there are alternatives to explore.

Thanks Catman ={^•^}=

Im glad they helped you out!
Just wondering, in the basic platformer tutorial, is there a reason you chose to write code to check to "foot position" of the player relative to the enemy rather than using a region?

Previous to that tutorial I'd followed another guy's tutorial on a basic tower defence game (which unfortunately I couldn't complete since it uses code blocks no longer available in the current version of Stencyl) which covered regions. I took what I learned from that and applied it in your platformer tutorial. I gave the Goblin character a region and when the player is inside the region the goblin attacks, otherwise it's idle. 

I thought perhaps the reason may be that regions could become problematic in a more complex game when there would be overlapping regions? or perhaps using regions isn't efficient memory wise? Or maybe I'm just over thinking it and it's just a case of there being more ways than one to skin a cat?


He's a great dude ;)

Oh, hi :)
I did your basic platformer tutorial and subscribed to the channel. Thanks for helping out us noobs.

There are people who do that:

- Bhoopalan was looking into selling things on chupamobile a while back. I do not know how much he did.

- LetMeThink and a few others had pages. I even bought something from LetMeThink because of that.

- I've sold a few starter prototypes myself.

Best thing to do (if you do not feel like searching for the various pages) is post in the Paid Work forum and make sure you mark it as "Looking for premade behaviors (PAID)". Then go through the types of behaviors you are looking for.

Thanks for the tip. I hadn't seen the paid section of the forum yet. Perhaps Stencyl's founders should monitize the Foundary and allow for the selling and purchasing of user made content from directly within Stencyl (If they're not going to provide more behaviors themselves)

Yeah, but still it’s difficult to make something unique if you use pre-made behaviours for everything. If you build the behaviours and code for projects yourself, you can make games that are more interesting.

True, but I'm just thinking to make it more user friendly for absolute beginners to slow down delving into the back end to a more comfortable pace (that's what she said). I feel that they would lose a lot of overwhelmed noobs. I learned to code Pascal at school so already had a basic understanding of syntax/logic concepts so I'm willing to stick with it while I overcome the learning curve. I'd wager many wouldn't.

I think Stencyl really needs to offer more predefined behaviors... For time saving and convenience I wouldn't even mind paying for them if they were sold as addons.

For anyone else who winds up looking at this thread, these are the study resources I've bookmarked to look over:
This Guy's Wordpress blog:
Another Stencyl Forum thread:,39001.0.html
This Dude's Youtube:

I made a turn-based RPG for a Ludum Dare game once. The source code is available if you want to see an example. Link:

Thank you.  I'm going to dissect that Stencyl file when I get home from work tonight. Cheers

Ask a Question / Re: Tile Based Movement?
« on: December 19, 2017, 05:51:33 pm »
I know this topic is really old but just wanted to say thanks for your posts. I've bookmarked this thread as there is a lot of useful stuff here.

Hi, I'd be interested to know how you went on this project. I'm new to Stencyl.  I have done a few tutorials. Would really like to know how to implement grid based movements.. Any pointers or recommended tutorials?

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