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Ask a Question / The game does not compile anymore
« on: May 08, 2017, 06:24:43 am »
As title said.Logs attached.

Ask a Question / The "Player can purchase goods" block does not response.
« on: October 26, 2016, 07:09:45 am »
Hi.I am testing my game in google play games and I published it on Beta channel.The "Player can purchase goods" block does not response , So I can't check the player can make purchase and save the return value in a Boolean.But If i don't use this block and directly purchase goods it works fine.Another weird thing is that after about 15-25 minutes The block starts to response and now I can use the "Player can purchase goods" block But If i remove the game and install it again I can't test the purchase unitl 15-25 minutes later!!!
So my question is that can I skip these block and Directly purchase goods without check"Player can purchase goods"?

Hi friends.This is my third game.I have made it in 5 days.The game is full-hd but has only 12 mb size.
Google play link:

Hope you enjoy.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Treacherous Arrow released by OTG.=)
« on: October 15, 2016, 02:44:11 pm »
Hi Friends.This is another game by me.I have made it in 7 days.
All the sprites of game have made in Full-Hd size and the game is Full-HD itself.
I Hope you enjoy. ;)

Google Play Link:

Ask a Question / Faild to build after save as game.
« on: October 09, 2016, 02:42:58 am »
Hi.I made a game and published it on google play.and I Save that game as new project with new name to localized it and now it faild to build. :( :( :(Logs Attached.

iPhone / iPad / Android / Metal Sphere , now out on android.=D
« on: October 09, 2016, 12:42:59 am »
Hi friends.
This is my first game.I have made it on 5 days.hope you enjoy.

Google Play Link:

Ask a Question / How to prevent the game icon from getting blur?
« on: September 17, 2016, 09:07:29 am »
Hi.I make my game's icon for mobile Devices by recommended dimension (1024*1024) But Still My Icon is Blurry on Phones.I think Stencyl does not use 9-patch Scaling For Icons.Any Idea?

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