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Thanks! I'll check this out. Maybe  the box with cutout will work in the worst case.

But I hope this gives me some guidance for more options.


Thanks for the reply. It's a nice option but might start getting messy since I'm doing a torch like effect (Left, Right, Up, Down) .

I'll attach my actors. But So far I had working most of the techniques from the video I posted. Except the torch wouldn't illuminate the "Light".

The torch actor would show over the darkness which was another layer on the screen, as would my Actor.

Hi all,
 I'm making a small platforming game and so far this forum has been immensely helpful for solving issues or questions. I have a really fun idea (Which of course isn't super original) for my a set of levels - a torch in darkness.

I tried this tutorial after a lot of searching - and it worked mostly! I made my player and torchlight actor the "player" as per the tutorial and a big yellow box actor for the illumination (which in the tutorial were small circles). Except the torch doesn't illuminate. So my player and the torch draw over the black box which is darkness, but the torch won't illuminate the background level.

Does anyone have any better tutorials or suggestions for something that worked for them? I can post more info if needed.

Thank you so much! I didn't think about how the otherwise IF statements would take a backseat to the main IF statement. Which explains why the first code worked (it was for two areas side by side) so the X area would never cross in the arguments!

Thanks again because it's all working perfectly now.

Hi everyone, first time posting here. I usually google for answers which often come back with posts here. Problem is I'm not sure exactly what to google here.

My issue is that I have a hover behaviour which checks the mouse is between say 100X and 150X and then 100Y and 150Y. In my first instance of this it worked fine with two variations of this, the hover would work and then I added a clicking behaviour. In my second instance I'm trying to check four areas, I simply can't get it to work properly. Not sure if it's something obvious or I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance for any help! Attached is the code I'm having issues with, I can upload more if you like.

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