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Thank you! I didn't realize that's how you do it; I feel kind of dumb though. I thought you just download it with no game selected and then import it somehow but I was wrong. This question is now marked as [Solved]

Ok I did and I got it, but how can I add those behaviors into a blank game I have allready created?

Ok so I started up a new game a couple of days ago and decided that I finally wanted to add in jumping to my player/actor character. I looked through tutorials and everything and they never seemed to work for me. Do I have newer version or something? Because the tutorials I used didn't seem to work to well.
                                                                ---The problem---
I have been having a real tough time trying to make a jumping behavior work for me. What happens is that when I go to click up on the directional arrow key my actor goes up like a normal jump and then goes down somewhat more slow and then when I try to jump again it doesn't let me.

                                                                ---Other information---

- Stencyl version: 2

- Stencyl experience: Beginner |Just started using Stencyl recently; I'm kind of a noob currently|
                                          |I know the basics, and where things are located, and how some|
                                          |things work and all, but the coding part/boxes I suck at.          |         

- My actor is a little above the ground. (The image files for my actor has a little bit of transparent under it.) Would that affect it at all?

- Basic walk controls/4 way movement is enabled and configured correctly and working. (y-axis up is disabled due to the jumping key.) <--- I thought it would mess it up with having both so I removed the code to go up, so it is now pretty much a 3-way movement controls.

- My main scene has the gravity vertical set to 85
                                                                   ---The wrap up---
Could someone please help me out? I would highly appreciate any help at all given! :D
Maybe even post some code, or send it to me somehow? Or lead me to a up to date great working easy tutorial? Oh and here is what my behavior looks like:           

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