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Stencyl Jam 12 / DIVING FISH HUNTER [Latest]
« on: March 13, 2013, 10:12:39 am »

There are 20 sharks came to a tourism beach & affect the safety of tourist.
Mission: To hunt 20 sharks in the sea.
Side task: Collect MONEY in the sea!
Shoot the shark when it near to you!!Don't get bite by shark!
You have limited oxygen!!! Complete your mission before oxygen drain out!

WASD to move
Mouse to aim & shoot

Submission 2: FRUITY NINJA

Fruit ninja game is already very familiar to you all, this game can be described as the live version, because you want to help a true ninja use Ninjutsu make the greatest efforts to cut fruits. Close fruit can be cut with sword, far fruits can use dart to shoot. Also, you can instantly blink close to the fruit or rotate to cut or shoot darts.

Mouse Left click to move
A to cut
S to shoot
D to blink
F to rotate

Submission 3: FARM NINJA

A black ninja walk into a farm in a dark night! Try to control him to cut as much as vegetable with samurai or darts!!! Don't miss any vegetable!!

Up down left right to move
A to Attack
S to Shoot
D to Rotate
Don't miss any vegetable~~
Level mode: 8 levels for now!!!
Fuiyooh mode: Cut for FUN!!!!!

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