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Update(3/29/2023): Closing this post, since this game will be rebooted as a new 2D arena platformer focused on bugg elimination, and I sped up all dev progress by training my body for making a company and hitting Discord. I'll make a new thread once the demo arrives. Until then, see you!

Update(3/13/2023): Planning went extremely smoothly after finishing an RPG's first book, a very anonymous biography and then learning to handle 2D game projects in a newer light(such as battle scenes/multiple points of view by fake emulation, the use of maps to handle everything and even saves and a level growth system), so I'm making most of my games completely 2D. Bugg It 1&2 will follow Bugg It 3 as retro-casual arena platformers. I won't say how many players are involved in this, so you'll have to see it yourself.

Update(2/19/2023): I've decided that the old, casual, mouse-clicking bug-swatting game wasn't going to do. I'm going to somewhat make the game in the format of Bugg It 2. 2 and 3 should follow very easily and the first game has a new gameplay style and protagonist. My new art style hasn't been introduced yet, so bear with me.


Update(10/23/2022): Whoops! This should have not appeared.

The old Bugg It. Demo(Fly Hunter Demo) was left published on NG. It's now unpublished.

Update(9/11/22): Took time off from the project to train my brain on more math and spelling and wrote a book on one of the game's sibling projects in order to fund myself. Finished writing the entire story, but putting on plenty of touches.

Meanwhile, company plans are doing great, as I learned to start everything little by little and to try my best not to become the one-man band if I want to make one.

I'm getting the energy to tackle the revamp of this game.

Ask a Question / Re: Old Forum ID Holding Onto New Stencyl ID
« on: September 07, 2022, 08:55:26 pm »
Uhhh, I cleared my firefox cache, logged into my new account and found my new ID staring me right in the face in the forums! Never mind.

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