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Shared Resources / Here is a way to copy scenes between game files
« on: June 02, 2013, 02:29:05 am »
Not sure exactly where on the forum to post this, but "coding" seemed like the best bet:

In order to help my friend finish a game, I made a Python script (I named it "Exacto"… get it?) that can copy scenes out of one Stencyl game and into another. Because this is something which is otherwise impossible with Stencyl, I am posting it here in case it is useful.

You can find a blog post I wrote about this, with a link to the script and usage instructions, here.

Warning: This script has not been heavily tested. Back up your Stencyl files before using this script on them-- the script could break them! If you run into problems using the Exacto script I'd be happy to hear about them and I might be able to fix any bugs you find, but I'd hate for you to lose data because of a bug in my script.

Archives / Re: Version control / Source control
« on: September 10, 2011, 04:13:06 pm »
Jon, thanks-- I'll give the extensions API a run through later and see what I can get it to do.

If there's a useful thing I think I can get working as an extension, and I just need one or two hooks, could I maybe submit requests for hooks of certain kinds to be added in a future version? Would the more appropriate place to do this be in here or in the extensions forum?

Archives / Re: Version control / Source control
« on: September 10, 2011, 04:46:02 am »
This might be doable through an extension that's able to hook in at the times when it starts adding and removing files from the system. We've actually been wrangling internally with this too since we'd like to start checking in our content (games, kits) into SVN but are resorting to ZIP's for now.
OK! I was actually going to ask whether there was some way to create a Java extension to the stencyl IDE. I think I've found the Extensions documents/subforum now though (I had somehow missed the extensions feature before). I will look into making a simple extension.

Jon, do you think you could briefly explain the development process for Stencyl? Like is Stencyl being developed under the auspices of a company or is it written by volunteers? Is there any possibility of a future open source release? My apologies if this is already explained somewhere.


Archives / Version control / Source control
« on: September 07, 2011, 01:48:51 am »
Hi, I tried out Stencyl tonight for the first time and was very impressed! I'm interested in trying to use this for serious development.

One thing I am missing so far is being able to use a version control software, like "svn" or "mercurial", with Stencyl. This to me is a feature I really depend on, I like to be able to experiment with different things and not be afraid I will not be able to get the program back to the last working state.

What I've done so far is just `hg init`'d my game directory and then added all the files (except .bak's) to the repository. This seems to work but it doesn't work great because Stencyl keeps adding and removing files in this directory. Normally I would not need my IDE to be aware of my version control system but Stencyl seems special because it does do all this automatic file management.

Is there a way Stencyl could be made to kind of be aware of a version control system, since it knows when files are being added and removed and thus knows when it is time to "add" or "remove" a file? Alternately would Stencyl happen to be based on something on the inside like Eclipse which I could add an existing vcs plugin to? Thanks!

Sorry if this is a question that has been asked before, I can't seem to find a way to search the forum for previous posts.

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