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Chit-Chat / Re: Indie Game Marketing Community
« on: August 11, 2015, 01:46:37 am »
Thanks the website is only going to be online later than I expected due to the fact I have been busy I have the YouTube channel created and I am creating the art for it at the moment.

Good news is that I think I can record my android phone screen via my pc, however I will have to see if I am correct when I get home as my device needs the same internet access and I cannot get my phone to the UNI network. However I think it will work.

Secondly I also have a iPod Touch which I think I can update to the latest version that allows me to record on iOS nativly (Not sure if iOS allows it or not as I haven't used my iPod for at least 6 months to a year) but hopefully it does and then I will have the ability to do both android and iOS :)

As for PC and Webbased games I am able to do the gameplay videos and trailers for you guys if anyone is interested.

I will say it since nobody else has and that is these are very awesome  and by teaching these techniques people new to creating art can create it using these simple steps in probably most drawing applications and not just limited to vector graphics applications however I do see they would work the best with vector graphics applications

Again this is awesome and I will probably try and make them soon at some point

Chit-Chat / Indie Game Marketing Community
« on: August 08, 2015, 08:52:38 pm »
Hey guys,

So I know I am telling you all about my plans before I even make them but I will be over the next week releasing a website and YouTube Channel that is to help every indie game developer with marketing.

Simple the YouTube channel is designed to give indie game developers releasing their games themselves as a multiple resource. Firstly we will create you a game trailer and some game play videos release them to our channel which you can use for your own marketing needs. The website will have a marketing page for your game with the game trailer we make and with gameplay videos for that game for people to watch as well as information on where to purchase the game (or play it if it is web based or free to play) . 

Note: These are the free services available to any indie game developer but they are limited to 1 Trailer if the game is fully released or about to be or 1 or 2 trailers during early access and 1 when trailer when it is released depending on where the game is in development. Gameplay videos will be done free regardless at any stage during development however on a first in first serve basis if it gets a lot of requests and we will also push through developers who do not have gameplay videos from us first to give more content and I doubt the requests will be more than a week or 2 out.

Added on to the free stuff is we will also do reviews both on my actual personal YouTube channel as well as the Indie Game marketing channel as well as lets play series on my channel. We will also do Top 5 Indie Games of the month on the Indie Game Marketing Channel and help to get as many gamers to view our channel as they will be able to see awesome new indie games that they wouldn't normally have.

There is also going to be Paid Marketing Options as well which we will use advertising money from the website and youtube channel to help subsidize the costs of marketing your games in other areas.

We also offer paid Marketing Packages

1) Indie Basic Marketer which will give you a press kit, more Game Trailers and gameplay videos during development of the game and release ( 5 total trailers and gameplay videos will be pushed through any waiting list as a priority).  Also we will feature your marketing page we have on our site for 1 month and will have it on the featured section of the home page. This plan will be $10 and is more of a upgrade from the free services we offer.

There will be 2 - 3 other plans which add in money for advertising the trailer/s on YouTube as well as adding the above features of the Indie Basic Marketer plus more however details on these plans are not yet fully confirmed.

Firstly I am wanting to know is this idea something you guys and other indie developers might be interested in? Also we will have forums for the community to help each other on marketing as well as other community stuff like voting for best Indie Game of the Month/ Year.

Secondly if you do want something like this let me know so I can start working with you to get your games on our Channel (which is created but needs artwork for it, which I am doing now I only just decided this in the last 2 hours) with a trailer and some gameplay videos. Also I will as soon as I get the site online will start creating your page for your game and I will also give 10 people from this forum with a free Indie Basic Marketer Package since the services are starting and I can get your feedback on the services we offer.

Anyways looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say

Edit Currently I only will be able to support Microsoft Windows and Web Based Games as I do not have a Mac Or Linux computer, however I will have a Linux Machine in the next few weeks and a Mac Maybe at the end of the year or next year sometime.  Also Mobile platforms are also not supported yet but Android will be soon and iOS will be also be around the same time as when I get a Mac

Chit-Chat / Re: How did you find out about us?
« on: August 08, 2015, 01:18:49 pm »
Bought a Humble Bundle pack. Got the indie subscription and a crap ton of other game and app making software for only $12!

Same here my friend

Journals / Re: Lost Koala Dev Journal - WIP
« on: August 08, 2015, 06:56:22 am »
Hi, great start. Here are a few things to work on:

- The friction between the monkey and the platforms seems to be close to zero, he slides right off.
- With how high the monkey jumps, the platform seems very small. Either make the platforms bigger or have the monkey's jumps be shorter.
- Level design is very important in a platformer. Having a set jumping/moving speed, square collision boxed tile platforms, and little control over where your monkey is going means you have compensate for the game mechanics in the level design.

I know you are a beginner, so please do not view my suggestions as being harsh. You asked for areas that you can improve upon :)

Not harsh at all :) btw I am a small YouTuber playing games I love and I think that is a more harsh environment than game developer forums.

Yea there are bigger platform tiles I can use so maybe in the next update I will have a slightly modified map to make it easier. I also think I will make the scene higher so I can have a slightly more height for the platforms and make it easier and more challenging at the same time.

Game Art / Re: Artist looking to collaborate
« on: August 08, 2015, 06:22:25 am »
Well I will be looking to collaborate with a artist for some games over the next few months.

I will be wanting to create a Side Scrolling RPG game after I complete a simple Platform game with a book to learn Stencyl so if you are interested in collaboration with me email me at wayne.rayner or message me on these forums

Journals / Lost Koala Dev Journal - WIP
« on: August 08, 2015, 06:05:01 am »
Hey guys

The lost Koala Dev Journal will be me posting updates fairly regularly to you guys with a version of the development of the game. When it starts getting closer to release I will stop posting the newer versions of the game as it may cause problems with me trying to get the game sold on FGL.

Current Development as of August 8th 2015:
The game The Lost Koala is getting developed with the book Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development. It is currently during the chapter of Collision Detection which I think is the 3rd chapter. I think I did stuff up the collision detection shapes and hence makes it hard to run and jump and I am working on fixing it. Hopefully I will have this chapter completed by the end of the week or so and may have the next chapter completed by the end of next week but we will see I am studying at UNI at the moment so it may take a bit longer. One other thing I am following the book closely so currently the koala is a monkey :P

Here you can have a go screen shot it if you can get to the other end of map (I haven't been able to yet :P) Obviously I will make the levels better starting off fairly easy and then progressing to become harder.
Play it and don't forget to tell me where I can improve I am going to improve the collision so I am aware of the Jumping not working properly at the moment.

This main post will be updated with a summary of the how the game has progressed and I will post in more detail on this thread about the development.

Abandoned Bugs / Re: Can't Compile to desktop (Log Attached)
« on: August 08, 2015, 05:35:50 am »
I haven't actually tried it and I found out I never had Vs 2013 installed you see I was actually going to install it about 3 weeks ago and I couldn't because my laptop needed updates before it could install.

I will try and test it out soon though

Journals / Re: What are you working on?
« on: August 06, 2015, 10:16:41 pm »
Hey guys,

I have the book Learning Stencyl which creates a Platform game from start to finish and I am going to be creating the levels for my own game during the development of the game. The main character will be a koala instead of a mokey. The game I am creating will be called The Lost Koala and he is lost in the rain forest and the goal is to complete the game and at the end the koala gets home.

I think there will be probably some leaderboards for the game when it is done maybe a  high score the whole game leaderboard. Not sure about the leaderboard but the game will be probably added to FGL when it is done.

I am thinking of about 30 levels for the game but there may be more or less and if I decide not to put the game on FGL and release it my self I may just keep adding the levels to the game every month and maybe even add a christmas campaign to the game during christmas time.

However more than likely it will be added to FGL and I may get a few dollars for it :)

The more important game I am wanting to create is a Side Scrolling RPG where you can enter buildings and you get quests and buy items and defeat some boss. This game will probably be self published seeing as I like the idea of it and it probably will be for the Windows Platform and I may try and get it on the Windows Store and Steam Greenlit. This will be a very very important game to me and there will probably be smaller games I create during the development of this game and it may take a while as I plan on having a lot of quests for this game.

Abandoned Bugs / Can't Compile to desktop (Log Attached)
« on: August 06, 2015, 07:10:45 pm »
I tried compiling a game to a desktop standalone it is just the alien approach example just because I wanted to test it.

I have attached the error log

I am using windows 10 incase that could be the problem but I am not sure.

Edit Visual Studio is the problem I have VS 2013 already installed but it is getting me to install it through stencyl sorry for the false post

Chit-Chat / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: August 06, 2015, 05:51:39 am »
hello guys,

I am wrayn3 and I am back again with stencyl. I used stencyl a long while ago and liked it a lot, I just never got around to learning it enough to make games with it.

I bought the humble bundle game developer bundle in july and decided to renew the key today as I was bored and decided to start learning stencyl. I also bought the book Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development from pactpub and so I will be making games with stencyl in the next year or so :)

Paid Work / Re: Looking for: Ideas, Artist, and Designer! (Split Payout)
« on: September 08, 2013, 01:58:23 am »
Ideas can be a small tycoon game. Some could be niche like Internet Cafe Tycoon or Grocery Store Tycoon (these ideas can be done as they haven't been done, I believe).

If they are too big you could make a small TD game or even use my idea of a game as a menu based management game. You could use the idea I have for a first project but knowing me I will never make it as I have no artist skills and I am finding it difficult to find artists any where. The game I was making for my first project was going to be Game Dev Studio style game more management based than tycoon based as in a lot different than Game Dev Story on the iPhone and Android system and Game Dev Tycoon for Windows. It will be similar to GameBiz 3 which was the first game I really loved that got me thinking of programming management/simulation games.

I can give you ideas and concepts for the logic of game rating and other mathematical formula's for such projects also you could think that these games are still to big and then I am happy for throwing ideas out there

I have been a project manager for the council where I work full time for 6 years so I know how to keep a team motivated to do their job. Thats the project management side.

I have also got C++ knowledge. I have created basic acounting software and a image manipulator and I have used AS3 before but never completed a project with AS3 as I lost the computer that at that time. This project I am developing, was originally planned for C++ with SDL 1.14 but I found stencyl a couple of weeks ago and have decided to use Stencyl for this project. The framework for the game is so far at about 60% and then once I finish the framework I will then create the calculations for each screen.

A basic demo for the game should be completed in around 3 - 5 weeks time

Paid Work / Re: Rayner Gaming Job Opportunities (% of sales)
« on: September 06, 2013, 08:49:40 am »
Very nicely done post, but there are two things you may want to change: 1. mention in the heading that this is for graphics/music (as it sounds like it's for programming), 2. since it is for graphics/music, it'd probably fit better in that forums over this one.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for the heads up well I thought this was for any types of jobs and I didn't know I was allowed to post this info there. (I came from Dream In Code which have very very strict rules for which posts can be where) and I thought the same here.

Hello Stencyler's,

I am currently developing a game that will need sound and graphics. The game will not be graphically intensive as the game is a simulation that is menu based (should be easy). The goal I have is to use the graphics and sound artist in projects in the future if this one runs smoothly.

This job is not an upfront pay but it is a % of revenue made from the game. So if we have 3 people (me, Graphics artist and sounds artist) it will be a 30% rev share.

I am hoping to get release between December 2013 to March 2014. We will release a flash version to Kongregate first then add some new features (quite a lot actually) and then phase 2 of release will begin which will be on Windows and Mac as well as the possibility of Windows 8 store. I will also pay steam in phase 3, which is to try and get steam greenlit which will be great especially for a first time game. The game will be Sold for $5.00 for Windows and Mac and free for Kongregate.

What is expected from you

If you are a graphics artist we will require you to create the graphics for the game which it should be easy as it is a menu based game. We also will require you to create backgrounds for each scene. There will be around 30 - 50 scene's as each button will go to another screen. We will also require you to help monitor the forums of Rayner Gaming's website when it is created which will be in the next week. Also if you could create a animated background for each scene would be cool but it isn't needed. You will need to create a logo for Rayner Gaming for the website as well as for the game (animated would be what I'm looking for)

If you are a sound artist. we will require you to create a soundtrack of 2 - 3 3 minute songs which will be played through the game in a loop.As well as a sound for a button click and possibly for a mouse over. You will also be expected to help maintain the forum.

How to Apply

If you are interested to apply for either as a Graphics Artist or Sound Artist please send your application to You will have to Sign a NDA so Please ensure You give us this information:

Full Name
Email Address (if different to the one you email your application from)

Also tell us about your experience in the chosen field you are applying for(Even if it is just photoshop work or basic sound making in FL Studio).

I would like to know your timezone, your age and also how good you are at writing in english. How many hours a day you can spend on this project. I myself will be spending around 20 - 40 hours a week because I do have a full time job but that is why release date is lenient  Make sure you can however spend the time you mention on the project so if you say 20 hours a week and you do it we will be happy. We wont like if you say 40 hours a week and do only 3 hours a week of work for instance.

We will need the graphics artist to show us your past work between 3 and 8 pieces.

For the sound artist will need a you to let us listen to a demo song of around 1 minute and 30 seconds.

About The Game for additional information

The Genre of the game is a management simulation where the player runs a company and tries to succeed in that industry. The game is based on 1 industry but I think the amount of games like this is fairly minimal especially in the flash arena.


Target Platforms
Flash (Kongragate), Windows and Mac

Rayner Gaming is a company that I have founded and will be registered on release to the first game on the Windows and Mac release. The website will be created within the month of September.


As stated average knowledge for any graphics program in the world and the ability to create Buttons and Backgrounds. Possibly animated for some scene's but not all will be required. If you are a sound artist average knowledge is required I will need a demo track to listen in your application.

The topic of the game
Ok so basically no it is time to tell you the topic of the game. It is a management simulation of the computer industry. The flash release will basically be just based around researching technology components and then developing them and then using them in your computer or console. The windows version will have the ability to create a game studio, create O.S's like Windows or go the style of Mac and the OS only used in your computers your company makes. Also you can create CPU and GPU's and sell them to consumers who will use it in their products range. Basically the possibilities are endless in this game.

On a final note
We would like people who are open to helping with game design as well as for future collaborations with coming up with a game idea. If you want we could make a Management Sim of another topic however I doubt that. Basically I want people who can help make Rayner Gaming a better company. Also just so you know I am the boss and I do end up making the final calls on game development but I am lenient so date's of release to certain type's of games could be a while, however I will try and come up with a playable demo for each project around a month or so after starting the project. I am not doing this for a profit but for the fun of making games and helping people enjoy their spare time. The profits are there to help keep the website running and to hopefully oneday pay employees on a yearly salary however that will come around in the future and that is where Rayner Gaming will be going.


Wayne Rayner

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