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Game Ideas / Re: "Tower Game" NaGaDeMo Blog
« on: June 04, 2012, 02:23:16 pm »
Day 4
Very little progress today, due to watching E3 coverage.

Turning the friction down to 0 worked, and the player no longer sticks to walls.

I've discovered more about the hitstun property that is causing coins and enemies to not tally properly:

After hitting an enemy, the player goes into the Hitstun animation for 3 seconds. During this time, the player can not be hurt. However, if the player hits an enemy from 3-6 seconds after getting hurt, he will take damage for every frame he is touching the enemy, killing him instantly.

Player hits enemy, takes 1 damage.
0-3 seconds later, player is flashing. Touching an enemy will not deal any damage.
3-6 seconds later, player is not flashing. Touching an enemy will kill him instantly.
6+ seconds later, player resumes normal damage calculation.

Here is the code for the player actor. Maybe someone can see what's going wrong.

Game Ideas / Re: "Tower Game" NaGaDeMo Blog
« on: June 02, 2012, 01:04:00 pm »
Day 2 Progress:

I derped around a bit more, Refined the placeholder graphics a tiny bit (they're still just placeholder) And added the ability to actually collect coins, which increment your score. Hitting enemies no longer instantly kills you, but deals damage and activates your Hitstun timer, which leaves you invulnerable for X amount of time (currently 3 seconds). The player flashes while in hitstun.

Current bugs:
Player can stick to walls by pressing against them.
Player can jump in midair
Player will occasionally take more than 1 damage after touching a single enemy
Player will occasionally be awarded more than 1 point after grabbing a coin (these two bugs are likely related)

If anybody knows how to stop these from happening, please leave a comment below.

Game Ideas / "Tower Game" NaGaDeMo Blog
« on: June 02, 2012, 12:59:39 pm »
Hey guys. I haven't been on the Stencyl forums in quite a while, but I heard about NaGaDeMo, so I figured it was as good a time as any to stop on by and learn more about the program.

Day 1 Progress:
After a brainstorming session with my development partner, we came up with a concept that we both dig. Best of all, it's modular, so we can add or remove features as the schedule dictates. Here is the basic concept, followed by a list of features in order of priority:

The game is a Roguelike platformer, where the protagonist must climb higher and higher while avoiding monsters and collecting money.
  • Procedurally generated levels, so the game is different every time you play
  • Increasing difficulty that introduces new enemies and terrain as you gain altitude, including moving platforms, crumbling platforms, spikes, and launchers
  • instant death hazard (fire? lava? laser field? whatever) slowly chasing the player from the bottom, resulting in instant death if it touches you.
  • High score list (possibly online)
  • Cylindrical scrolling, with the field wrapping horizontally. (Think Castelian/Nebulus)
  • A selection of weapons and equipment for the player to use against enemies
  • EXP and stats the can be increased by fighting monsters
  • Stores between levels that can be used to purchase new equipment and items
  • An actual story

I played around with the program, looked over a few tutorials (which are unfortunately out of date with the current version of Stencyl) and I currently have a main character avatar that can move around, jump, and dies when touching an enemy.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Star and light The game (first build)
« on: September 28, 2011, 03:45:39 am »
Wall-jumping is counter intuitive. It doesn't work when you want it to, and does work when you're not even touching the wall. This makes the demo more or less unplayable.

Also, we should have the option of using a button other than up to jump, and using the numpad to run is something I've never seen before. Keep in mind that people who are playing on a laptop may not have a full numpad, making that button troublesome at best to use.

I liked the graphics and the overall concept. Reminds me of those one-area-at-a-time puzzle games like Picross or World of Goo.

But yeah.. Collision detection definitely needs work.

Let's say I wanted to create a simulator. The actual interactivity is actually rather minimal, and the rest of the number crunching is handled behind the scenes. Actors are merely placed on screen to represent what the player is interacting with, but don't necessarily have to worry about collision detection and the like. The player can choose their actions on a particular turn from a dashboard, and the game progresses based on their choices and random chance.

My question is, where do I put all the logic? Do I put them on the relevant buttons? If so, how do I use functions/calculations that may be embedded in other buttons? If I put them in the scene logic, how do I interact with them? Is there a way to call a function that's embedded in another actor in the scene?

Resolved Questions / Re: Multipe tilesets display corrupted
« on: September 20, 2011, 12:11:26 pm »
Yeah, that's probably the problem. If the tileset you're using has different dimensions than the tiles in the scene, they won't display properly.

Game Ideas / Re: Project COW game
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:01:21 pm »
Well, the internal resource name is wp_prod so, that was the intention. But it's the ZST-50, the Zappy Stick Thing.

Game Ideas / Re: Project COW game
« on: September 18, 2011, 02:03:26 pm »
Well, this isn't going to be my very FIRST game. We're probably going to experiment with some other stuff first just to get our hands dirty. But this'll be our first serious project.

Game Ideas / Project COW game
« on: September 18, 2011, 12:55:02 am »
Okay, so here's how it goes. My friend and I are both a huge fans of the Metroidvania genre. Unfortunately, neither of us are programmers. So when we decided to create our own, we started hunting for various engines that could be used to make it. Naturally, Stencyl was one of our first choices, so here we are today!

(The images below depict a work in progress, naturally. Hell, we don't even have a definite title yet.)

We intend to make a smallish Proof of Concept first to learn Stencyl and work out all of the kinks in the system, before we work on developing the full game. Some of these features are intended for the full game.

- Premise -

You play as Bessie, a humanoid cow with firepower. Think of her as Samus with an udder. She is a super soldier, created after centuries of alien research.

Remember all those alien cattle mutilations in the 1980's?
Yeah, this is why.

Bessie starts with your basic moveset, able to walk, jump, shoot, and squirt milk from her udder. Milk can be used to placate enemies without killing them and activate ancient artifacts (There's a reasoning behind it. Long story.) As she explores the world, she will discover more weapons and tools, which will allow her to explore more areas.

- Weaponry -
All equipment has 1 or 2 upgrades that can be found for it which modify its damage, ammo consumption, and overall effectiveness.
ZST-50 - This is Bessie's melee weapon. It has a very short range, but can be used without any ammo. It can also be used to fix broken down electronics like door locks and shorted out devices. It can be upgraded to a more powerful version, which deals damage more rapidly, but still uses no ammo.
Laser Pistol - This is Bessie's standard long range weapon. It deals moderate damage, and travels across the screen until it hits a wall or enemy. It uses pistol ammo.
Pulse Gun - This is essentially a shotgun. It deals heavy damage, but has short range. The closer Bessie is to the target, the more damage it deals. After about 4-5 tiles, it dissipates and becomes useless. It uses Pulse ammo
Crossbow - This is an alternate long range weapon that has the unique ability to travel through energy shields, but doesn't deal as much damage as the pistol. It uses Crossbow Bolts.

- Powering Up -
Bessie can find special items hidden in the map which she can offer to the deities at Cowzo shrines (Not the final name!) These will improve her stats by 100% of her initial maximum value, up to 5 times. That is to say, her HP starts at 100, and she gains 100 extra HP each time she makes an offering, up to 600.
She can make offerings to improve either her HP or MP. The first time she makes an offering to improve each stat, she only needs one item. But each time after that, she needs to offer more to get the same stat increase.
First upgrade: 1 Offering
Second upgrade: 2 offerings
Third Upgrade: 5 offerings
Fourth Upgrade : 7 offerings
Fifth Upgrade: 10 offerings
This equates to 50 offerings hidden throughout the world map, which will be needed for 100% completion.

- Tools -
What MetroidVania would be complete without a bunch of tools to find?

Enviro-Suit - Allows Bessie to survive harsh environments like high-temperature rooms and outer space.
Quantum Accelerator - Allows Bessie to accelerate her particles and become semi-ethereal. This allows her to pass through grates and semi-permeable surfaces.
  Rebreather - Allows Bessie to survive longer in oxygenless environments, like outer space and gas-filled rooms
  Gravity Boots - Lets Bessie reverse her personal gravity and fall upward instead of downward, but gravity can only be switched when she's standing.
- More to come.

- Mutations -
Since Bessie is a genetically engineered bio-weapon, her udder is used for more than just milk. Bessie can fire 4 separate liquids from her teats, which have different effects.
Milk - Bessie shoots out a stream of milk, which is used to pacify enemies and activate Cowzo shrines
Acid - Bessie shoots out a stream of acid, which used to dissolve certain walls and attack heavily armored enemies.
Coolant - This used to freeze water, which can then be stood on, and enemies, which shatter on impact. Unlike the Ice Beam in Metroid, you can't stand on enemies.
Napalm - Shoots a burning ball of fire, which can deal damage to most enemies, destroy dangerous plants, and melt ice.

Well, that's all for this post. I'll be adding to this as we develop the game further and as more sprites are finished.

Now, if anyone would like to help, just fill us in if possible:
What is a good action-platformer resource package on Stencylforge?
Any suggestions how to do the Gravity Boots switching concept?
What about an automap?
How do we do Boss AI?

Links to an FAQ or knowledge-base online will be sufficient, but if you'd like to go more indepth, that would be appreciated.

Chit-Chat / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: September 17, 2011, 04:33:32 pm »
The dragon has returned!

Hey everyone, TestZero here, formerly on the beta forums as DragonsLayerProductions. I've been jumping around other forums and websites, but now I think I'm ready to come back and get my games up and running. I'm also really excited for iStencyl, as I have some really cool ideas for iOS games.
But first things first! I'll be snooping around the Stencyl wiki finding what I need, then I'll try to post something really cool.

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