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Chit-Chat / Re: Dark Souls is ok
« on: December 27, 2014, 08:22:06 am »

This is most likely because stencyl creates multiple versions of the graphics when you import them. Check the top of the Import Graphics dialogue, there is a dropdown for the scale you want to import your graphics, for example if you import at 1x scale, stencyl will automatically create upscaled versions of this graphic at 1.5x 2x and 4x scales.

Here is more info about app scaling. It is targeting mobile devices, but the information here is valid for all other output targets as well:

You can do two things to prevent the graphics from becoming blurry:

* Import at 1x scale and configure your game scale to  a maximum scale of 1x in the settings.
* Deactivate the filtering mode in the upper right corner of the graphic import dialogue. Stencyl will still scale the graphics, but they should not become blurry anymore.

Extensions / Re: [flash] MindJolt Extension [1.0]
« on: December 04, 2014, 06:47:00 am »
Worked perfectly out of the box. I added an extra field in the post score block to allow posting scores for different game modes. Uploaded the game to Mindjolt, let's see whether it will be accepted.

Thanks for creating this and sharing it in the forum!

Ask a Question / Re: Error within my code. Not sure why.
« on: December 03, 2014, 08:30:16 pm »
Your screenshot looks a little bit strange, why are the blocks not connected? I assume they are connected within stencyl.... Besides that, your code looks good at first glance. The only thing I could imagine is that one of the actors you are referencing here does not exist in the scene anymore, but if I remember it correctly, Stencyl should automatically mark the block with an error symbol then.

It's says in line 668, how do you know which line is which in stencyl?   

You can click on the code preview button in the lower right corner. If you compare the code lines you see here with your blocks, you should be able to find out which blocks translate to which lines in the code. However there is a pitfall: The line number 668 does NOT equal the line number 668 in the code preview window. To get the "real" line 668 you need to do the thing I posted earlier:

If you go to your game folder, you find a "behavior-hx"-folder inside. Open it and open SceneEvents_6.hx with a simple text editor. Go to line 668, this is where the error is originating from.

Can you do this and post the line 668 from the file here? (Maybe add 10 lines before and after as well). 

Bug Archives / Re: Breaks Game from Ever Running Again in Browser
« on: December 03, 2014, 07:36:08 am »
Hmm, if I remember it correctly I think the "fullscreen is not working in browser"-thing has to do something with browser security in newer flash versions.
But more importantly: I can check / uncheck the fullscreen setting and my game still runs in the non-fullscreen mode, so I don't think you'll have to do it all over again. Can you try opening the resulting game.html with a different browser? Does the associated Game.swf file that is placed under stencylworks\preview\ still work?

Suggestion Archives / Re: Center Drawn Text
« on: December 03, 2014, 07:00:50 am »
+1, also I would like to have a block for "create an actor centered at X/Y". I can't count the number of times I create an actor and then move the X/Y backwards by half of the width / height to have it centered.

Ask a Question / Re: Error within my code. Not sure why.
« on: December 03, 2014, 04:57:47 am »
sparttenomega is right, you need to look for something that could be "missing" at the time you are seeing this error. The error message also gives you the exact line of code where the error occurs. If you go to your game folder, you find a "behavior-hx"-folder inside. Open it and open SceneEvents_6.hx with a simple text editor. Go to line 668, this is where the error is originating from.
Normally it should be possible for you to identify which Stencyl blocks are associated with this specific line of code and you should be able to resolve the error. If not, please post line 668 and a bit of the surrounding code here, we should be able to help you out.

Extensions / Re: [flash] MindJolt Extension [1.0]
« on: December 02, 2014, 11:08:05 am »
Oh cool, just what I was looking for! I was just about to roll up my sleeves and wanted to try to create my first extension for this, but you already got me covered. I'll try this out and I'll let you know how it is going.

Extensions / Re: FGL Ads (Flash)
« on: December 02, 2014, 11:04:16 am »
Just posting to say thank you rob! I wanted to add my game on which uses the same API. I checked the available Stencyl Extensions with little hope, but there it was already. ;)

Integration worked straight out of the box, good job!

I have discovered and I like the concept that they mirror their games & their API into a facebook app, which means it could bring a game in front of a lot of potential  players. Their API seems very similar to the FGL ad api, I think I might be able to create an extension for this by using your extension as example. Let's see how this goes....

EDIT: It goes nowhere as apparently it has been done already:,32923.0.html

Yes exactly, this is what I want to do, and I think I would be able to do this, if I could read the Java Stack traces. The problem is that they are posted in a binary format in the google play developer console. Here is an example:

Code: [Select]
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Build fingerprint: 'samsung/m0xx/m0:4.3/JSS15J/I9300XXUGNG3:user/release-keys'
Revision: '12'
pid: 24268, tid: 24506, name: Thread-65764 >>> com.onemanbandgames.planetsgonerogue <<<
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 00000000
r0 628fc6dc r1 00000000 r2 6208db5c r3 00000000
r4 658bde3c r5 621de314 r6 628fc5d8 r7 628fc6e0
r8 628fc6d8 r9 64721e14 sl 61eb9bd0 fp 628fc6e4
ip 65911644 sp 628fc1c8 lr 61e9b40c pc 61a0a4bc cpsr 60000010
d0 7e37e43c8800759c d1 4024000000000000
d2 4014000000000000 d3 3fe0000000000000
d4 4034000000000000 d5 00000000000004ff
d6 43b4000044a00000 d7 0000003200000000
d8 40272baf31959980 d9 3f87ba0b765bc000
d10 000000000000000b d11 0000000000000000
d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000
d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
d16 4049000000000000 d17 fefefefefefefefe
d18 bfc86c6ddd766188 d19 be5ae44a38aee7c8
d20 bf29fe379908238d d21 0000000000000000
d22 3ec71de357b1fe7d d23 3ff0000000000000
d24 8000000000000000 d25 3f92df25011904c0
d26 bc74000000000000 d27 3f0da4505fbc602c
d28 3fef697d6938b6cc d29 3faa1eb96a8c8614
d30 be6883e2b4b8a709 d31 3f1150f6ec619a24
scr 20000010

#00 pc 003024bc /data/app-lib/com.onemanbandgames.planetsgonerogue-1/
#01 pc 0078f4a0 /data/app-lib/com.onemanbandgames.planetsgonerogue-1/

code around pc:
61a0a49c e2800004 e1a01004 e12fff38 e51f2b14
61a0a4ac e59d1514 e28d8e51 e08f2002 e2822004
61a0a4bc e5913000 e58d2010 e59d0010 e3a0a020
61a0a4cc e59332f4 e28d2f72 e58d01cc e58da1c8
61a0a4dc e1a00008 e2427008 e12fff33 e1a01008
61a0a4ec e28d8c05 e1a00007 e288800c eb18af69
61a0a4fc e1a01007 e1a00008 eb19628a e1a0000b
61a0a50c e1a01008 eb0e554e e3500000 e59dc008
61a0a51c 1afffc6b e5942000 e59d100c e28d7c05
61a0a52c e28d8f6e e2877008 e5923474 e592b350
61a0a53c e1a00007 e58dc1b8 e1a02008 e58d11bc
61a0a54c e1a01004 e12fff33 e1a00007 ebf85e14
61a0a55c e1a02000 e28d0c05 e1a01004 e2800004
61a0a56c e12fff3b e59d1504 e59d0010 e28dbc05
61a0a57c e5913000 e2482008 e28d7f6a e59332f4
61a0a58c e58d01b4 e58da1b0 e1a0000b e12fff33

code around lr:
61e9b3ec e8bd8010 e92d4010 e591301c e1a04000
61e9b3fc e1a01003 e5933000 e1a0e00f e593f16c
61e9b40c e1a00004 e8bd8010 e92d4010 e591101c
61e9b41c e592c000 e24dd008 e5913000 e28d2008
61e9b42c e1a04000 e5933168 e522c004 e12fff33
61e9b43c e1a00004 e28dd008 e8bd8010 e92d4010
61e9b44c e24dd008 e1a04000 e5913000 e28d0004
61e9b45c e1a0e00f e593f358 e59d3004 e1a00004
61e9b46c e5843000 e28dd008 e8bd8010 e92d4030
61e9b47c e590001c e591e000 e24dd01c e590c000
61e9b48c e28d1018 e1cd42d8 e59cc1f0 e521e004
61e9b49c e59de030 e1cd40f0 e58de008 e12fff3c
61e9b4ac e3a00000 e28dd01c e8bd8030 e52de004
61e9b4bc e590001c e5912000 e24dd00c e5903000
61e9b4cc e28d1008 e59331dc e5212004 e12fff33
61e9b4dc e3a00000 e28dd00c e8bd8000 e92d4070

From my understanding, if I would be able to get the correct debug symbol files, I should be able to translate this information in a regular human-readable java stack trace which should allow me to identify the problem (or to get a starting point at least).  But no luck so far...if anybody has an idea, please let me know, I think it would benefit everybody who is submitting games to Google Play as we could follow up on Crash / ANR reports.

Nobody? Just out of interest: If you have released a game on Google Play, how do you handle the Crashes & ANR reports? Do you simply ignore these reports? Or is there another way to find the cause for these crashes without having the debug symbol files that I'm not aware of?

All help is appreciated, even a "I have no idea what you are talking about you crazy weird guy" is welcome. ;)

Ask a Question / Re: How can you view the atlases?
« on: December 01, 2014, 06:38:18 pm »
The documentation in stencylpedia is a bit outdated in regards of the GUI / screenshots, but you should still be able to find the atlases under settings -> atlases. (build 7942) Although there is no documentation for the new GUI, I was able to figure  everything out when I started playing around with the settings.

I released my first game on Google Play, and I now start to get the first Crashes & ANR stack traces in the google play developer console. As far as I know, I need to use the ndk-stack tool to convert the crash dump information that is found there into readable stack traces.

However, I have trouble finding the correct debug symbol files for the android build. I have tried to use the files found under


But this gives me the error: Unable to open symbol file xxx. Error (9): Bad file descriptor

Googling this error brings a lot of results that mention that this error results from choosing the wrong debug symbol files from bin\libs\armeabi, and that one should choose the files from obj/local/armeabi/. But I'm unable to find this directory in the games.generated folder. Has anybody successfully used the ndk-stack tool and / or knows how to translate the crash dumps from the google play developer console?

I assume that the debug symbol files are not being created during the build process, and that one would need to activate that somewhere in the build configuration, but I have no idea where to look....

Ask a Question / Re: Creating Visual Novels
« on: November 29, 2014, 02:57:28 am »
Just in case you haven't checked these out already:

It is definetly possible to create a visual novel in stencyl, however I think if you create a large story, it might not be as comfortable as other tools since you would need to take care of organizing the text and the scenes all by yourself. But there is an extension for stencyl that offers RPG like dialogue which could be a good starting point:

Ask a Question / Re: performance (Fps) on Android
« on: November 28, 2014, 08:49:34 am »
Too many looping 1 frame animations?

Do you have evidence from a game you have created that this has a performance impact? I think all my actors have the loop setting activated, regardless of the number of frames...  :o

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