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Ask a Question / Re: Need Help Changing Stencyl UI Size
« on: December 10, 2019, 07:24:36 am »
Probably Final Update:  Based on Windows Updates I  no longer need to use resource hacker.  All you have to do is

Go to your stencyl folder and right-click stencyl.exe > properties > compatibility > change high dpi settings.
Then check mark everything and set the drop-downs to: "I Open this program" and "System"

Thanks to @Raiyumi for posting this in another thread

Ask a Question / Re: Need Help Changing Stencyl UI Size
« on: January 22, 2018, 10:35:16 am »

The line to be modified has been moved to line 34 since the latest java update.

Chit-Chat / Did anyone else do LD 40?
« on: December 07, 2017, 12:46:27 pm »
This last weekend was Ludum Dare 40 and, as expected, I saw tons of unity games, a handful of GameMaker, but haven't come across any Stencyl games except for my own.  Were there any other Stencylers out there for LD40?  I would love to play and rate them to help out some fellow Stencylers.

Ask a Question / Re: Need Help Changing Stencyl UI Size
« on: February 21, 2017, 11:00:26 pm »
@yoplalala  Thanks!  That did the trick. 

For any other Surfacebook users out there, I downloaded resource hacker (make sure to run as admin), and modfied the Java and Javaw files.  The instructions say line 28 (but it was in line 26 of mine).  I have pasted the instructions from that thread as well as attached a screenshot from resource hacker.
You just need to modify the file in the Manifest folder
located inside "java.exe", and "javaw.exe"

You can use "Resource Tuner" as mentioned in that link (not free, but have trial version).
Or use "ResourceHacker" to modify the executable, its free.

- File>Open (the java.exe)
- double click Manifest
- select 1:0
- change line 28 (true to false)
   <dpiAware>true</dpiAware>    ===>  <dpiAware>false</dpiAware>
- press F5 (modify/compile script)
- File>Save

repeat with javaw.exe

If you use Stencyl with the Java 8 JRE installed in your PC, modify :

If you use the Java 8 in the Stencyl folder, modify :

Ask a Question / Re: Need Help Changing Stencyl UI Size
« on: February 19, 2017, 01:50:21 pm »
@dotedot  Thanks for trying to help out.  I was aware of the font sizing (the Surface already has it set to 200% at default).  I tried the different settings and it did not help.

@GreatAnthony  I didn't think it had anything to do with the install, but it doesn't hurt when debugging to go through all the steps so I reinstalled and no change.  I actually have two of these Surface Books and they have been a joy to work with...except for Stencyl.

I did not think of the magnifier, but the problem isn't that I cannot read it, that things are missing entirely, cropped out of view.  I was working on an Android project that I now will probably have to complete on my old laptop because I cannot access all the fields I need to.

Here are a couple screenshots of menus totally cropped out so I cannot access or see all of the fields.

Ask a Question / Re: Need Help Changing Stencyl UI Size
« on: February 18, 2017, 11:38:40 pm »
The Palette area and everything involved in the Behavior/Event system is exceptionally small.  Some buttons are even missing.  The blocks are all sized at about half of the font size, so any block with a drop menu in it may not display correctly or work at all.

Ask a Question / Need Help Changing Stencyl UI Size
« on: February 18, 2017, 09:06:24 pm »
I have been using Stencyl for years, but always on 1920x1080 screens.  I recently got a Surfacebook (3000x2000 resolution) and Stencyl is basically unusable.  I have read on the forums other Surfacebook users and Surface Pro users having the same problem, but have not come across a workable solution.

Does anyone know how to make Stencyl's UI bigger? 

I am running Win 10 and Stencyl 3.4


An idea for a game kind of like Jet Set Radio has been floating around in my head for over 2 years and I finally started goofing off to see if I could make it happen in Stencyl.  If it wasn't for bad seasonal allergies causing a weekend on my laptop, this wouldn't have happened.

If you want to run around tagging a school, here it is at Ludum Dare:

Hopefully I can clean it up, add a decent title screen, end screen and a few other tweaks and submit it to the Stencyl Jam as well.

Ask a Question / Re: Check if an actor enters any region
« on: April 19, 2015, 10:01:32 am »
Thanks CmdrWhitey13 for your help and your behavior, but having a loop and a list with all the locations of the regions just moves the inputting of all the regions from one spot to another (that is actually one of the ways I have tried it before).  I am looking to make a block, that when called returns a boolean, based on whether or not an actor is in any region, without dynamically updating any list of what regions have been created.  As far as I understand Regions are a group, like tiles, actors etc.  and there are ways to call if any actor collides with [group], so I assume, there must be some line of code that will let me get to:

if [Actor] is in [Any Region] return True
return False

Ask a Question / Re: Check if an actor enters any region
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:22:18 pm »
I will take instruction, or a behavior (and then I can teach myself).  Anything that helps me figure this out would be greatly appreciated.  I have wanted this for a while, but keep getting stuck. 

Thank you for any help you can be.

Ask a Question / Check if an actor enters any region
« on: April 18, 2015, 10:42:10 am »
Short Version:  I want to know how to check if an actor enters any region at all, not a specific one

Longer Version:  Right now I have different levels with multiple amounts of regions and I am currently stuck checking with a giant [if actor enters region1  or if actor enters region2 or if actor enters regions3...] and I would like a simpler way to detect if the actor has entered any region.   I would love to just make a custom block that returns a boolean based on the actor being in a region but if I knew how to check if the actor was in any region (code or blocks) I would not be stuck doing it this way.  Each level has a different amount of regions, and they are not created by the level, but in place in advance.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, that did the trick.  It was under Scene > View > Layer Properties.

I use the setScrollSpeedForBackground(x,y) in one of my games and since this mornings nightly release, Stencyl is pretty upset with it.  If I leave numbers in for x and y it comes up with the error:

Creation Engine:  Int should be String
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 453
   columns: 43-44
Creation Engine:  For function argument 'ref'
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 453
   columns: 43-44

I tried assigning the values I wanted to some variables and put it in as:  setScrollSpeedForBackground(_FirstVar,_SecondVar)
but then it came up with:

Creation Engine:  Float should be Int
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 462
   columns: 53-58
Creation Engine:  For function argument 'refType'
   from scripts.Design_136500_136500_CreationEngine
   line: 462
   columns: 53-58

Here is a link to the test version with the same error.

Old Questions (from 1.x/2.x) / Re: How to Scroll Screen View via Swipe?
« on: August 31, 2014, 08:03:43 pm »
Even though it is written in Stencyl 2,  all the blocks they used are in Stencyl 3.  Just set up one [when creating] and 3 [multi-touch] and fill them with

I am a teacher and have been teaching a game design/creation class to high school students.  I have been asked to do a summer-camp style 5-day Stencyl course and I am wondering if there are any pictures or art assets that I could use with permission to promote it?  This is a local event with up to 18 students (if successful we could run more, but one thing at a time), but the art would be posted on a website.

Also, is it ok to post pictures of Stencyl itself and/or use the logo of Stencyl on a website or promotional materials (like a t-shirt or stickers)? 

Either way, this community is awesome and my students and myself both love Stencyl!

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