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Ask a Question / Re: Spritesheets x individual images
« on: January 20, 2014, 01:43:14 pm »
Hi there!
Sorry in advance if this doesn't answer your question.
What I do is I make a sprite sheet, and make a "box" in my photo viewer of the dimensions I want.
Then I copy the image of the Sprite, and paste it into Stencyl using the "paste image" button in the new animation> new frame area, Then I move the box in my photo veiwer over to the next sprite, left click, copy that sprite, and past into the next new frame, etc.

I'm running on a mac, so I don't know if preview works for you. Or if your photo viewer works the same way... but I hope I helped.
And as for performance- it shouldn't affect it at all. All it should do is make it more convenient for you by making it on a sprite sheet instead!

Cheers! ~Pipo

Hi, I need a bit of help. I SUCK at making my own behaviors. I'm a total n00b at this and I'm making an RPG, (I know it's a horrible game to start off with, but I'm taking it slow, so hopefully I'll be okay) and I need help. So here I am.

I have a couple of behaviors- one is pre-shipped "Follow Target" and the other is on StencylForge as "Follow a Target", by Ehibika. The one by Ehibika seems to be more complex, but works better (as most behaviors are) but both have the same issue.

When Actor-B follows Actor-A, Actor-B only faces one direction- the starred direction in the animations menu. I need it to change directions as it moves with Actor-A. So, as it moves, it will move like it's actually following my main character, and not just standing and being pulled by my character.

I don't know what to do. I'm not good with making my OWN code-block behaviors, but I AM good at following directions for the most part. So any help would be great. Thanks.



Okay, after playing around, for grins and giggles I added the pre-shipped four way movement behavior to my actor that was following the target. I treated it as if it were my player, only I made it a sensor on all four animations (since my idle and my walking are the same for all four directions, since it looks like it's walking in place in my game), and I kept the behavior that I mentioned earlier that was made by Ehibika. NOW when I walk, I the character faces me, follows me- it's Pokemon SoulSilver all over again XD

So there you have it! Self solved! Within what, twenty minutes or so, too? New Record! WOO! LOL

Sorry for my pointless post. You guys take it easy. XD

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