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Also, if you made the background and axe, wow.

No I didn't, I just found those images quickly on the internet just to explain what I'm trying to achieve : )

I'll try to do some things on my own, but sure finish your game, and we'll move to mine : ) Thanks!

Ok, I have an axe obstacle that should come swinging  down from the ceiling and maybe keep swinging with its weight with gravity. I couldn't do it with "add stick joint" tool (I'm not sure if I even need to use that) So take a look at this pic, I'll try to explain what I mean by drawing it : )


Wow 4 pages! really?! : D

Sure I'll send it to you! thanks!

Oh can you write me your e-mail address  as a pm so I can send you the game file along with other image files you'll need.

wow this forum doesn't help much, does it? thanks anyway

Hi guys! I(as the game artist) and my coder friend started this side scrolling endless running game but after a while the coder left me alone with the game undone. I don't know why but he doesn't answer my calls and won't reply my e-mails. It's really sad but who gives a sh*t anyway.

I guess I'll try to figure some things out all by myself until I find someone else who I can trust and someone who is capable of finishing the game. 

About the game: Our hero runs on the left bottom of the screen and he faces many obstacles as he runs and we simply try to jump and pass them. It's like 2d temple run, the hero runs by himself. The game simply looks like this:

So here's my first question: I drew 2 different backgrounds and background 1 loops and gives the feeling that the hero runs in a very large dungeon, but I want to change some the background and I want to do it with some style! If you've played RUN SHELDON, that's what I want to do, I want to put a close up image, a column or something big and I want the new background comes behind it. Just like this: ( I made an example animation for that)

And finally change the background the environment like this, randomly. So lets just say our hero runs for 15 seconds in the dungeon (in front of the dungeon background) and then the hallway background comes (but our hero keeps running and nothing changes but the background) and along with that the obstacles keep coming randomly as usual and lets say after our hero runs in the hallway for 25 seconds a new background comes... and keeps going like that... and in that 15 seconds or 20 or what ever the background repeats itself of course (since I drew them in a way that they can keep looping without and visual distortion)

Can anyone help? and explain this like you're explaining to a child? Thank you so much! I hope I can manage this with your help!

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