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Ask a Question / Re: Game crashes after reaching the 3rd enemy.
« on: September 27, 2016, 03:34:09 pm »
Ok, just realized that i was not setting my Actor attribute for each enemy.  So I have an actor attribute for the enemy to find my player. Is there a way to simplify this process instead of having to access the "customize" option for each actor and selecting the player?

Ask a Question / Game crashes after reaching the 3rd enemy.
« on: September 27, 2016, 02:56:39 pm »
I have 2 forms of enemies, one who just wanders back and forth, collision with the tile switches directions.
The other enemy stands idle and shoots a bullet every 3 seconds. I have a level set up with 1 of the wander enemies, and a few of the others.
So, First you see the wander enemy, then 2 of the shooters. Once you reach the third shooter the game crashes. Cant seem to find a resolution since I'm still pretty new and I keep bumping into unfinished forum post about dead enemies still accessing code. There is the shooter who has a "do after" block but wouldn't that end after a Kill Self command since I have tried destroying each enemy I encounter but still crashes once I reach the third? Even if I move the third enemy to the end of the level, no matter what, its always on the 3rd enemy.

Oh, the bullets also die once off-screen so I didnt think it was a performance issue. No lag, just crashing.
Can anyone help me there.

If I post code, what would I post, lots of behaviors happening here. Thanks in advance.

Ok. I got it working. Thank you so much.
Solution: The scene now activates/deactivates (with or without delay) the powerup once a coin is collected.
The coin actor kills itself once its collected.

Quick reply! Thanks. I'll try that and come back with results, hopefully a solution.

So let me get this straight.

-Coin behavior still kills the coin?
-Scene will handle the on/off of the shot upgrade and delay?

I'm going to try that.

Ok. I've been using Stencyl for a few weeks now and im getting the hang of it but this issue has me stumped. I'm using debug's "print" command to see where my issues are which has been extremely helpful.

Problem: I have set up my player to shoot with a simple button press. When he collects a COIN (placeholder art) he now shoots a different, larger shot. Everything is working fine, my player starts the level with the SIMPLE SHOT BULLET, once he collects the coin, his shot is upgraded to the large shot bullet. I would like him to lose the LARGE SHOT BULET after, lets say, 5 seconds. (Later I would like him to only have a set amount of large shots before it reverts back but one step at a time:)

I have a behavior on the COIN which sets a game attribute to true allowing him to use the LARGE SHOT BULLET.  I've used the "do after" delay which sets this game attribute to false and should deactivate the LARGE SHOT BULLET powerup and revert back to the SIMPLE SHOT BULLET.

I know im missing something, maybe a few blocks that tells the engine to go back to the SIMPLE SHOT BULLET. How would I do this?  I am also using the ANIMATION MANAGER with the LARGE SHOT BULLET taking priority over the SIMPLE SHOT BULLET.

Any help is muchos appreciated.

Game Ideas / Re: Zooming and Rotating camera
« on: September 05, 2016, 10:31:34 pm »
This is pretty awesome. I have been curios if this was possible in stencyl. Now that I see it is, it would be great to get an idea of how this works. I would liek to figure out how to move the camera independently. Could you use a dummy actor like a null object and scale that somehow? Maybe trigger an event that zooms your camera in and out during gameplay?

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