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were you can darken the screen and use a IMG from extra's to lighten it in a way the looks epic not crap like it is when doing it with actors.

 iv tried its ok for simple games but I want to work on a bigger game but lighting is my problem and I cant even spell remember how to right any code and am 20  well iv tried luring C++ for unity but I cant even work out but this program I can use well iv all ready worked out how to have 3 save files for my game and it works with its own loading creen that show's the progress of righting in to the list's with the normal custom event block but this lighting is a show stoper for me

and yes iv tried masking its crap dose half the job
get it to work (yes)
but can it move (no)

if you could let me know whats going on that would be grate thx

hi that same problem is happening to me it started when i updated my java to the updated developer kit

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