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Resolved Questions / visible collision boxes
« on: May 18, 2014, 05:22:17 pm »
Hey people

Im having problem with visible collision boxes. After i select the size of the collision box they are all visible when i run the game both in flash and android platform. Im using arch linux and stencyl 3.1. Here is the what it looks like

Completed / Re: Installation on arch
« on: May 15, 2014, 02:25:37 am »
Hi thanks for your tutorial.

But somehow i am still getting invalid swf file name error when i try to  test the game. I followed step by step except i didnt manage to download to lib32-xfixes lib32-xcursor lib32-xtst lib32-xdmcp lib32-xi.  Instead of them I got lib32-libxfixes, lib32-libxcursor ...etc from multilib.

Appreciate any help

edit: I figured the for 64 bit I needed to downloaded  couple more libs.
Code: [Select]
yaourt -S lib32-gcc-libs lib32-gc lib32-libxext lib32-xtst lib32-xi lib32-ncurses lib32-libxt lib32-libxpm lib32-libxmu lib32-libxp lib32-gtk2 lib32-atk lib32-glibc lib32-cairo lib32-expat lib32-fontconfig lib32-freetype2 lib32-glib2 lib32-libice lib32-pango lib32-libpng lib32-libsm lib32-libx11 lib32-libxau lib32-xcursor lib32-xdmcp lib32-xfixes lib32-libxinerama lib32-libxrandr lib32-libxrender lib32-zlib lib32-nss lib32-nspr lib32-curl lib32-alsa-lib

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