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Thank you for the reply Rob. :)  Looks like I just have to deal with it for now...

Hi, I am a new dev using stencyl and I had recently published my game on google play store. However, I got some bad reviews that they cant install or play on their devices.

This user is using galaxy 4, 7" tablet and could not install.
"Hmmm.... Gave an error msg. Saying it couldn't install on my device or on my sd card. I am using a galaxy 4 , 7"tablet. It's a new device, doubt if my stage is used up. Too bad, it looks +sounds like a good game."

Other user is using Nook HD+ and seems like crashed when the user tries to play.
"Won't load. Play on a Nook hd. Installs 100% I click open, and it goes blackscreen like it is trying to load, then back to my desktop. I really would love to play this, any ideas? Have tried uninstall, reinstall."

I really need some advice from experienced devs on how or what should I do or check. Is there anything in stencyl settings that I might had set wrongly or something?


Thanks alot M.E. ,

This game's genre is not commonly found in the appstore so I am kind of worried if anyone would play it or not.
Your post really gave me more confidence about my game.

Link to the Game:
Google play:
Apple itunes:

Monoroom is a anime-styled, visual novel escape room game with 2 endings.

Story Synopsis:
Madeline woke up in a strange monochromatic room with no memories of how she got here. What is this place? What is this strange phenomenon? She met a mysterious girl named Abel who is also trapped. Will both of them manage to escape this place and uncover the mystery behind the existence of the Monoroom?

Gameplay Video:

About Me:
I am not a programmer, not an artist, and definitely not a game designer but because of stencyl I am able to make this game. (Thank you stencyl... amazing game maker!). This is my second game made using stencyl (My first game was terrible not really worth mentioning  :-\).  Would be nice if I can get some reviews for the game. If you have a game I will review it back. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Some Screenshots:


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