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1.11.0 updates (Live on Windows, Linux and Mac.)

Added the entire Hyperspace Beacon ground stage, complete with the air EX bosses, the enemy-summoning "Amon" midbosses, the Zarathustra final boss fight, and the escape from the beacon.

Adjusted part of Spaceport Alpha to solve an issue with landing on the southeastern side of it and ending up in a mountain, if the player is at the bottom of the screen when they land, as well as general air to ground/vice versa transitions.

Added more metal shards to 2-F air (Spaceport Alpha approach) to minimize dead air.

Added a "Death Claw" pickup in Entreprises Fauconvert 1F, in case the player forgets to pick it up after defeating Pandora.

Fixed visual bugs involving absent portraits on some conversations, particularly in acts 3 and 4.

Fixed a bug in 2-D that caused framerate drops when Vucub's orb damaged the quarantine room in 4F of the Angel of Mercy hospital

Fixed a region bug that caused some zoning regions (ones that prompt you to zone by holding the fire button) to be misaligned, leading to 'blind' spots where the prompt didn't show up despite being in the region to zone.

Improved most of the bullets in the game, courtesy of @Wht_Dragon (Twitter handle)

Thanks to Merrak for the linux version stuff I couldn't do from where I was, and Andrew Shouldice (dicey) for the mac one, same conditions.

I am once again asking for your help with regard to a Linux executable for distro. Say the word and your email in a PM and I'll send you the .stencyl package through email. You will get the game free, for Linux, as a reward (as before.) You will also be credited in the full release (as that's the only release remaining after this one.)

Furthermore, if you do this, I'm willing to spend some time aiding in your project in some way.

Edit: Merrak was able to do it. Dude rocks. Mac and Linux will be launched tomorrow.

Congrats on everything you've done!

Edit: I just picked it up!


Steel Seraph live playtest supercut (Almost 3 hours long, timestamps in progress.)


Character portraits have been added to all major characters (Implementing this took most of the time by far but it was absolutely worth it.)

Demeter battle made more forgiving, spore pods, Persephone spawns and  spore clouds less oppressive.

Minor bugs and timing hiccups removed, particularly in the XCLIME area (2-B), which had occasional framerate drops before exiting it.

Unequipped dodge tool has the smallest cooldown before dodging can be done again (0.1 seconds)

Death Claw sidequest stage (FWS Nocturne) added
4-A Orbital Elevator stage added
On the whole, this update is a few major things rather than a lot of small ones.

This is extremely valuable information. Thanks for your whole thread!

Thank you Merrak! You'll be credited in 181 and beyond. (180 is already live, after all)

All versions updated to 1.8.0.

1- Walking movement accelerates to posted speed in 0.2 seconds rather than immediately going to that speed.

2- Text box and menus have a monitor-like appearance, menus have been massively adjusted for presentation.

3- Controls have been changed.

S- Strafe D- Dodge Z- Repeater X, C, V- Special 1/2/3 A- Strafe + Repeater F- Special 1+2+3 at the same time

F3- Language Filter F4- Strafe Toggle F5- Visual options F6- Audio options F7- Gameplay options F8- Key config + control options F9- Load F10- Save F11- Quickload on previously used slot (send 'game not previously saved' interface message if this is null) F12- Quicksave '' '' '' '' '' '' Console Buttons are unchanged.

4- Floor tiles are less griddy.

5- Explosions are more impactful, look better.

6- Boss explosions centre the boss for a while as it does multiple booms, then recentre Seraphine.

7. Used multiple layers for certain blocking tiles, and have those tiles interspersed between those layers, depending on stage context.

8. Added the remaining "modernized" versions of tracks that previously didn't have them.

9. Gradualized as many sounds as needed it.

10. Change the basic enemy bullet to be more comparable to the Blaster Master 0 bullet, only at the size the basic bullet is at now. 11. Equipment now autoequips to an available blank slot if you get it while you have blank slots. 12. Sped up the tutorial flight stage to match other act 1 air stages.

13. Condensed tutorial text immensely. 14. Zoning is no longer automatic. Hold the repeater key or button to zone to a new stage.

15. A few points of general confusion have been clarified, with more explicit instruction and signposting in those specific areas.

16. Missiles L1 in a more obvious location after fighting the Minotaur

17. Solved Pause + Strafe oddity where holding strafe while pausing would lock Seraphine's position as if strafe toggle was on, even if strafe was still triggered by 'holding'.

18. F11 and F12 require a second press to confirm quicksave/load, to minimize accidents 19. For now, dodges will have a cooldown between 0.2 and 0.5 seconds depending on the dodge tool. May revert.

20. Minimized prompts overrunning the text box. 21. Autosaving happens between scene changes, on the last save slot the player saved at.

22. Widened the manual zoning width and height (depending on zone), to minimize rare cases where 'sweetspotting' Seraphine's location was required.

23. Constrained, aggressively, the boss cam explosions. They would repeat excessively in some areas.

24. Solved discrepancies between weapon highlights and weapon icons that could trigger when navigating the equipment menu in some rare cases..

25. Addressed hazard death crashes in all areas.

26. Addressed the problem of typos coming from certain letters being ignored.

27. Added "Direct" and "Narrative" dialogue modes as options. Direct condenses dialogue to the most essential elements while still sounding like a conversation. Minimal skips all dialogue not triggered via an interlude/cutscene (which can be skipped) or talking directly to an NPC.

Planned changes for 1.8.1:

Portraits for major characters

Death Claw subweapon sidequest- FWS Nocturne

I've had 30 purchases out of 189 wishlists.

Also, is there anyone with linux who would be able to produce a Linux executable for distro? Say the word and your email in a PM and I'll send you the .stencyl package through email. You will get the game free, for Linux, as a reward. Thank you!

Here's what I have recorded for Steel Seraph (Act 1-A through just before 1-E.)

More to follow tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. I can resume livestreaming sometime in the afternoon tomorrow. (1-E to just before 2-B ground)

Version 1.7.1 of Steel Seraph is available on Windows and Linux, across GameJolt, Itch.IO and Steam.


-Bugs related to certain kinds of controllers removed (PS4 in particular suffered)

-FWB Maginley 20th floor transition icon and transition regions now functional

-Rocket Level 1 buffed to 40 instead of 15 damage, obstacles requiring rocket destruction have 40 health but must receive that much damage in one hit to be destroyed. Things stronger than rockets in terms of raw damage can also destroy those obstacles, but at the time you get the rocket, it is the most damaging weapon you have shot for shot.

-Ice blocks in the Hydro Plant that require Plasma Sphere are given a dark blue tint.

-Explosions are more prominent.

-Clarifying text added, pertaining to Gorgons at Red Sector A requiring Rocket level 2 or something at least capable of 90 damage to destroy.

-Clarifying text added, pertaining to optional boss Koschei at the experimental climate area (XCLIME Area), if you end up attacking its phylacteries and attempt to shoot Koschei itself.

-The vast majority of air enemies have only 1 HP, and can be destroyed immediately by any weapon.

Mac version now available as of March 8, 3:39PM Atlantic Standard Time.

 "The game can, in some cases, mishandle OSX display scaling, leading to a truncated game display. Going to 'System Preferences > Display' and setting resolution to 'Default for display' rather than 'scaled' solved the problem when we examined it.

We've identified some regressions in Steel Seraph with regard to some zone interactions, certain gamepads and certain game options saving in 1.7.0. We will address those starting now, and add those and some other visual improvements we couldn't do before February 22 to 1.7.1.

Further testing is being done to catch anything else.

Also, rockets L1 are being buffed from 15 to 40, and grenade damage by level is being buffed to 50/100/200  instead of 40/100/180.

While I can't promise an exact date, the intended goal for 1.7.1 is in early March.


Version 1.7.0 of  Steel Seraph is available on Windows and Linux, across Game Jolt, Itch.IO and Steam.

Mac still at 1.6.1 temporarily, currently working to resolve mac-specific issues with compiling.


-A new and improved HUD

-Two act 4 sidequests (Hell Off Earth, Argos Panoptes) with endgame subweapons

-A fully implemented final version of the microjet (All tiered, non-optimal weapons upgraded to level 3, all Crisis Triggers and Dodge Tools acquired even if missed previously, a 'Shield Crash' ability that empties the shield and forces a crisis trigger (at an improved version) if you hold Strafe and Dodge for 5 seconds, and a new look.)

-Flow improved throughout, particularly in levels like X-Clime (Act 2-B) and Jeong Island Cave (3-A).

#GameDev #MadeInStencyl

The game's pulled about $40 on Steam from 22 people, and $9 from I'm doing what I can to make the full access version as presentable as possible. Rookie numbers, but as an obscure game from an untested property, they make sense.

The Christmas sale helped a bit.

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