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What I am really talking about is creating new block types that call custom Objective-C libraries through the normal drag and drop interface. For instance, will developers be able to make a block from an open source library that reads a QR Code and returns the text that was decoded? Or any other external library for that matter so that Stencyl app creators don't have to work at the Objective-C level - only the custom block/library creator needs to work at that level? Imagine how fast the functionality of Stencyl would be grow if Objective-C programmers could create and share new types of blocks. Suddenly Stencyl could become a general purpose graphical app development environment like App Inventor rather than just a game development tool.

Google online and you will find barcode generating related open source, but I don't think you can get barcode reading material, with which you can read a QR Code and return the text encoded. Most of them are commercial as this is more complicated than generating technology.

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