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Thanks, I can organize the data in a more appropriate way with this.

Dialog Extension / Re: [HELP] Crash on iOS device
« on: September 01, 2014, 03:19:02 pm »
It also happens on the Mac build (but not as aggressive as the iPhone Simulator) about 300mb when the dialog starts.

So i started searching trough the code to find what was causing the issue, after many trace("...") i found out that the execution of the G2.drawImage was causing the issue: (G2.hx)
Code: [Select]
class G2
private static var count:Int = 0;

public static function drawImage(img:BitmapData, x:Float, y:Float)
if (count > 400) {
With this the crash and the heavy allocation is gone, however the drawing is also gone... so, on a closer inspection, on line 66 of the same file was:, mtx); so i removed the clone() part and it seems to works now, but i'm not sure if i broke something by removing that clone call.

As far i understand, the  clone is allocating resources faster than the system is releasing them, thus there appears a crash on my limited-memory iOS device.

I'll further test it and see if is behaving as should, but i would appreciate if anyone who knows more about this.

Dialog Extension / Re: [HELP] Crash on iOS device
« on: September 01, 2014, 02:30:43 pm »
Anyone could point me on the right direction to fix it?  I could help if i knew what file should i start looking for. Thanks.

It seems that there is a heavy allocation that causes the process to end because of memory warnings but i'm unsure where to start looking for.

edit: After a more detailed inspection on the simulator, i can confirm that there is a lot of texture allocation going on, which (on the simulator) goes from 20kb mem to 1gb (and it starts after i *touch* the "Press enter to start dialog").

Hello, i have been testing out the Dialog Extension, it's an awesome job, thanks you Justin, for taking your time to build it.

Sadly i have some issues when trying to run on an iPhone 5c, 5s and iPad mini, i though it was my code so i tried it using  the Dialog Extension Sample and it still crashes, i did some minor modifications to the Sample (adding touch to the Good Scene and removing sounds) but it still crashes when it finishes the first sentence ( Press V to advance.), the bottom-right arrow starts blinking bouncing and without pressing(or touching) anything it just crashes(sometimes it happens just before finishing the sentence).

Anyone knows a workaround to debug or where i could  start to look into to fix it or any idea that could help me? (please)

  • It does work on the iOS simulator, Android devices, Mac and flash
  • The prior-to-crash image is an iPhone simulator for simplicity of taking the screenshot

Edit: added the  Modified Dialog Extension Sample

I would look onto algorithm design e.g.
Some of them have some code, but shouldn't be so hard to understand (i guess).

About the iOS stuff, you don't need to program the "click the icon and start the game", iOS does it by itself.

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