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Chit-Chat / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: September 07, 2014, 07:14:34 am »
Hello everyone, I'm Aymeric. Obsviously I love video-games and I'm actually a french student in Paris in graphic arts. Me and my girlfriend we started, 3 weeks ago, to create a small video game for mature gamers ( one difficulty : hard) and I'm actually working on a Behavior.

So I'm working on a Non Playable Characters behavior for the Stencyl Forge. Every day I'm amazed by Stencyl, I can do everything I want just using the Design Code. Just big thanks. About the behavior it'll be only for side-scrolling games. NPCs, for the moment, can return to their spawn point, wander, patrol, follow or flee player or just ... stay. With animations. Actually it's full customizable (for example I'll can choose the agressivity of the NPC if he can fight). And for the futur hopefully NPCs will be able to choose their strategy, call their buddies and use random apparences.

Finally I would like to work in the video-games industry (like a game designer) so I work hard for this first attempt and hopefully, if we finish it people'll like it !

(sorry for the eventual english faults, it should have been worst with Rerverso!)

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