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iPhone / iPad / Android / Mosquito Attack [Android]
« on: January 20, 2015, 03:09:47 pm »
Hello, Please try out my new game and give me feedbacks on how I should adjust the difficulty level and any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.

Mosquito Attack

 Game Play Video

Did you know over one million people die every year from mosquito-borne illnesses?  Mosquitoes kill more of us than we kill them. Now there is a reason why you should hate mosquitoes more than you already do!

An unprotected person can lose enough blood to die to 500,000 mosquitoes within 3 hours!
DON'T be unprotected! Protect yourselves by killing them before they kill you!

Compete with your friends and others, and try to unlock all the rewards/surprises and become a mosquito hunter!
Kill them before they suck more blood.
*Earn coins and buy/use items to help you get better score.

If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact me.


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iPhone / iPad / Android / My 2nd android game (DIAL MASTER)
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:25:08 am »
This is my 2nd mobile game app. I think this one is a bit better than the first one:1st Game Video
as I have learned more about digital arts and all.


 Game Play Video

How many times a day do you use your phone to dial a number? How good are you at dialing numbers?
Can you remember the locations of each numbers on number pad?
Compete with your friends and others, and try to unlock all the rewards/surprises and become a dial master!
Press the corresponding number while it's on the blinking bar to clear the blocks.
Earn coins by clearing each levels, buy/use items to help you get better score

If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to contact me.


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iPhone / iPad / Android / My First Mobile Game App [OMG Zombies]
« on: December 05, 2014, 12:06:16 am »

I am new to Stencyl and I am new to app making/digital arts

But I had fun creating this first game using stencyl.
My 2nd game almost done too! will be posting the 2nd one soon.

Please feel free to give me tips/suggestions!


I didn't do anything but kept trying this extension and other extensions and now all of them are working. Not really sure what was wrong. Definitely upgrading to 3.2 helped I think.

Thank you all of you for the help.

I cleaned the project and ran it but took forever to compile when i try to do it on android, so i did it with flash first to finish compile then tried it do it on android again and it still gives me the same result.

I just updated to 3.2 version and still wouldn't let me compile with extension enabled.

now it will say compiling then nothing happens not even log viewer pops up

here is a log for 3.2

thanks meestar,

I been trying to install facebook extension and tried out other ones as well. i put the file in extensions folder and it still gives me the same error message.

is there a way to make it like the pre-loaded extensions?" because those ones all work.

thanks donni for the reply.

However I did manage to get the extensions manually but i cant compile it when the extension is enabled but compiles fine when i disable it.

Whenever I try to install an extension (settings->extensions->install extension)
nothing happens. So i have been searching and found out that sometimes i have to manually copy and paste it into the directory. (appdata/roaming/stencyl/stencylworks/engine-extensions) still nothing shows up but then after pasting it and repeating the first step (settings-extensions-install) it now shows up which now allowing me to click on ENABLE button.

However when i try to compile it with the extension enabled It fails to do it and the log viewer is empty.
I am using stencyl 3.1 windows8. I've tried multiple extensions and it's the same problem.

 It allows me to enable and still compile successfully with the pre-loaded extensions.

i've been searching the forum for 2 days now and tried out multiple things yet still having a problem.
Basically tried everything such as reinstalling stencyl/ reinstalling android sdk/ tried on a different game/ tried it on different computer which is also windows8.
(also tried out copying it into the plaf directory still no luck)

please help me!


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