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Thank you sooo much!  :D


I have been working on a game for a couple days, i changed a background element then went to open my main scene and got the Ouch error. I accidentally saved when closing and reopening, and now I can't open the scene, meaning I can't get to the code on the scene... I have no backups (now I know the importance).

Is there any way to get into the code of the scene without opening it? Or do I have to start from scratch

I have a wooden box with the collision event 'when self hits a [ball]', and if the ball is on (overlapping) a stack of boxes and moving, the game will lag.

Any idea how to reduce lag while the ball is ontop of the boxes?

That's what I'm thinking too.

Do you know if the publish to EXE on the paid version of stencyl has a better frame rate than the flash player?

Oh man that just complicates things further! Thanks I will try and understand this

One more noobish question, if I want to use this function to output lots of numbers in multiple places, whats the best way to do it?

I would just copy this code everywhere I need the number to be written like this (shops, scores, time etc) but I assume that is slow and bulky. I just don't know how to call some code halfway through a different set of code

No, I don't think you understand. It isn't a choice I have. If I play the game without recording, the framrate is 60 until an explosion, then it drops to around 30-40 for a bit. If I'm recording, it is constantly 60fps. Me as the user, I have no choice but to allow the programs to control the frame rate, not me.

Thanks so much!

Sorry to reply to such an old thread but this is really useful and I will try to use this soon.

One question, what is the [set RESULT to code: "" ] block for?

I wonder if you can force this when the window is active and someone is playing? Why allow a game to lag if the computer can handle it?

I've noticed that if I record the game being played it will stay a constant 60fps. If I stop recording but still play, I can see that the fps goes to <30 when an explosion with particles occurs, but this was 60fps when recorded.

Thoughts on this? Are there any ways to force the computer to give all the resources to flash to ensure 60fps constant without an external program recording it? I mean the capabilities are there, right?

Do collisions only work with Box2D actors?

Yes, you need to have the actors set to Normal in the Actor Mode section for under Physics>Advanced (I have found that simple doesn't work for me)

Also do your tilesets have the collision boxes for what you are asking? If you got the tiles from StencylForge I've noticed i had to define hitboxes.

Hi! This is an awesome resource, thanks so much. I have an idea for a game where the sand would fall down through point goals - is there a way to do hit detection, as in if I mark a spot on the stage, if a sand touches it they get points for it once? Then i'd like the sand to fall off screen and die so as not to consume computer resource. Forgive me for asking but is that possible? I appreciate your work regardless of if you have the time to help me out (a total noob)

Ask a Question / Displaying (or converting) a number to base 3, 4 etc.
« on: March 06, 2015, 12:18:11 am »
Hi. I have an idea for a game using different bases as a method of counting. Eg 3 in base 1 is 111, 80 in base 10 is 80, 120 in base 12 is ... etc. :P

Any idea how I would do this in stencyl? What would be involved?

I'm making a game where random events will sometimes happen, and I'd like to display it in a log that continuously updates, and is able to be scrolled through to check out what happened. How can I do this?

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