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Dialog Extension / Re: Dialog sample for 4.x?
« on: May 07, 2021, 11:30:13 am »
The older sample file worked for me... but i have also some issues getting it all to work.

If anyone would make a easy 1-2-3 tutorial just to get the 'Start' dialog to work in a game when pressing 'Enter',  it would be great. Just in the general Style.
I'd love to see a fresh tutorial for the 4.0.4 release. The older tutorials on youtube by IndieStation can then be a nice one (as soon as the basics work)

Ask a Question / Re: Second attempt to create a team
« on: April 28, 2021, 02:31:53 am »
Looks like a great game i'd love to play :) alas i can't code yet but good luck Max!

Dialog Extension / Re: How to Install for Stencyl 3.4
« on: April 27, 2021, 08:30:01 am »
I'm now working in a 4.0.4 version... there the extension doesn't work. Isn't there a way where the Stencyl-community just makes it Dialog-extension friendly on every update? :(

Dear Stencyllarsss,

My name is Tommy, i'm a dutch writer for theatre/film and i'm working on a game that is based on a play i wrote. I managed to make design a bit (also with some help), but now i really need some extra behaviour, skills and coding to let him 'out'. It is very (snes)-zelda based, and what he needs is: to find a weapon and equipt it (it's a "sword"), then be able to 'slash', hit, kill. I also need him to be able to die.

Can someone help me to code this? :) Paid.

This is the status right now:
(so it has text-box, and he's walking around)

(contact info is on the link)

best regards,

Ask a Question / Re: Four Direction Attack
« on: July 18, 2015, 10:26:16 am »
i think zelda (a link to the past) always is the best example... i don't know if its accepted to use those sprites.

In a Stencyl tutorial i see the " The Zelda Dilemma" mentioned.

It's a good example because multiple (additional) problems come in mind here:
-the actor also has to be able to be hurt (and change his animation to pain, and slide 'back' some pixels)
-has to 'pick up' his weapon (i guess a "if weapon is 'true'"-like code is needed?)

The dilemma mentioned is also about the coloured swords and stuff... thats too deep for this one.. but a 4-direction attack (plus the weak spots = all the sides where he is not swining his sword) are quite interesting.

But it might work to use this example. To be honest i googled "zelda-like" all the time when searching for behaviours, actors, codes xd

Ask a Question / Re: Four Direction Attack
« on: July 18, 2015, 02:52:29 am »
-nederland is op de een of andere manier altijd overal oververtegenwoordigd ;)-

Yes would be great. I'd love to see the tutorial.

Most downloadable things are settings for a 2-day left-right game with jumps. i never need jumps, i need to be able to fight in 4-wayssss like a tru gangsta

Ask a Question / Re: Movement behaviors not working?
« on: July 18, 2015, 01:03:09 am »
I have the same error once in a while... here an behaviour which i downloaded prevented my movement to work (even though this behaviour wasn't 'active' or programmed somewhere).

What i did was publish > flash, and played the flash which showed me an error log with the behaviour mentioned. in this case it was "sidescroller sword attack".. when i deleted that behaviour from my stencyl, my hero started walking again.

Ask a Question / Re: Four Direction Attack
« on: July 17, 2015, 02:41:59 pm »
I need this. I want to make my 4-way attack but i'm still strugling...

right now it only walks... i found an "slash" actor which i could use in a similar fashion as the blue box.

"A good approach to making any sort of attack is to use a (usually invisible) actor. When the attack button is pressed, the actor is created in front of the player. When the enemies collide with this "attack actor", they are damaged or killed."
^ i get that... only i don't know how to program the actor to show up in front of my actor (yet).
[oh edit: i now see the images... makes it a bit more clear. yay, ill try this]

Isn't there a download somewhere to obtain this code right away? it seems like a much-needed piece of code. all the examples i found to download didn't work... :(

+extra info, i also want to add a "switch animation" during the attack moves... what does that code look like? things i tried messed up my game... like my hero turning mad and never end his slashing. he kinda scared me xd

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