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Stencyl  is a cool tool
Download Stencyl 3.3

What's New?

All Changes


64-bit iOS Games
Apple is now requiring all games to be built as 64-bit apps.

Google Purchases v3
Support for the latest version of Google's in-app purchases service.

Improvements to Design Mode
Improved Performance. Drag Block to Palette to delete it. Find Block in behaviors. Hover block over event pane to navigate to another event.

100+ Bug Fixes
We've focused on making a stabler, more enjoyable experience. See what's been fixed.


1) You must fully uninstall Stencyl before installing 3.3. Alternatively, you can install to a different folder if you prefer. If you don't heed this warning, you'll run into a lot of inexplicable bugs.

2) If the app appears inoperable, consider upgrading your version of Java. (Thanks emf715!)

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