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Thank you! I'm looking forward to finally getting it out there for people to play.

I've been developing this game in Stencyl for the past 2+ years and it's out tomorrow on Steam and itchio. Check out the trailer below and there's more details here:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: List of Games on Steam
« on: July 24, 2018, 09:52:24 pm »
I've got another one for the list. My game Rising Dusk is out tomorrow and developed in Stencyl.

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Rising Dusk (PC/MAC)
« on: August 01, 2017, 04:05:34 am »
I made a thread about this game I was working on a few years back.... most of the images don't even show up in that thread now.

Well here I am now 2 years later. I threw out what I had back then, took what I had learnt and started over.  I redrew everything, redesigned everything, I wanted to see how pretty I could make a game in Stencyl look. How much detail and animation I could pack into each scene. 

The game is a puzzle-platformer, heavily inspired by SNES games like DKC2, Yoshi's Island and a bit of Mystical Ninja.
However I'm not done yet. I've managed to make quite a polished demo, which you can play. I'd love the feedback.
I've just launched a kickstarter for the game, please check it out and you'll find a link to the demo there.  From here on the next step is to get every level to at least the same quality and polish as the ones in the demo.

 Link to Kickstarter & Demo

Congratulation on the release.

Macintosh doesn't unpack, Windows is too slow running from a VM.

Didn't know how to get the menu to quit or change graphics. It starts in full-screen and I wanted windowed.

Since there is no super-easy mode I got stuck on second level and can't get to the coin in the upperleft half.

Thanks for the feedback M.E.
So I can continue to work out these issues could you let me know what OS you are running? I tested it on my own devices with no issue but to be safe I've uploaded a zip file if you wanted to try it again. Unfortunately the game runs full-screen only for the time being, but I've definitely taken your feedback onboard about that for the full release in the future.
I'm guessing you got stuck in this room, right?
There's a certain order you need to collect the coins in to get them all, but even if you don't you should still be able to proceed by standing on and breaking the top right 2 block.

Anyway thanks again for taking your time to play the game and give me feedback. It's very much appreciated.

I've got a demo up online now, you can find it from my site at which will take you to a Dropbox folder with a PC and Mac version. It's still early days yet but the demo has 4 levels playable to give you an idea of the gameplay, world and atmosphere. As usual your feedback is welcome.

Screenshot of the level I've been working on this week.
Haven't had much time to work on the game though unfortunately.

Looking  very good!
Thanks Bonzero. I'll keep posting updates in here as I continue. Stencyl has been a great tool for me.

Looking good so far.

Just some suggestions to make it a bit more polish (you don't have to follow it though). Maybe add some particles (dust, falling leaves, etc.), some environment stuff (swaying trees, sun rays..etc).

I'm not too sure about the current music though. Feels a bit out of place.
When I see the gif and the screenshots (without sound),
I imagine the music more towards Okami like (with shamisen and bamboo flute) :

The more greener parts :
The darker mysterious parts :

Thanks rrzl, I love the music from Okami. The music in the trailer is only for one of the levels and the bamboo level actually has a bamboo flute sound. :)
I'm slowly adding different things environmental effects in the levels, such as the setting sun shimmering on the fields in the background on the Rice Field level. So there should be more of that as the game moves ahead.

The video is real cool!
Awesome graphics.
Puzzle mechanic isn't clear but we need to get our hands on the game to explore it!
I hope there is a 'terrible easy' mode where you can take a lot of damage as I am terrible at platforms :D

Good luck with completing the game!

Best regards from

Thanks for the feedback M.E.
Don't worry, this isn't one of those "super hard" platformers, I guess that's where the puzzle side comes in.  But yeah, I've avoided showing those parts for the most part so far. It will all be clear in due time.

I've got a demo up online now, you can find it from my site at which will take you to a Dropbox folder with a PC and Mac version. It's still early days yet but the demo has 4 levels playable to give you an idea of the gameplay, world and atmosphere. As usual your feedback is welcome.

I thought I'd share this with the Stencyl community since I'm using Stencyl to build this game.  GIFS and images incoming....

Rising Dusk is a 2D puzzle-platformer, the protagonist a young girl named Tamako. You take control of Tamako as she journeys deep into the land of the setting sun where the Yokai roam.

Puzzle-platformer? Generic mascot-driven sidescroller this isn’t. Tamako has limited abilities; she can walk, jump, push things and duck. (She also has the ability to astral project, but that’s for another time.) However unlike most platformers collecting everything may not always be the best course of action. The yokai that Tamako encounters have left all sorts of blocks and obstacles that react only to a certain amount of coins. It’s up to the player to figure out what to collect and what to leave through exploration of their environment.

Aside from some additional music production from the other half of Ai Robot (Brett Wright), Rising Dusk is currently being developed solely by myself (Lukas Stobie.) It is expected to be completed in early 2016.

In the meantime as I continue to develop this game I hope you’ll join me on this journey into the world of Rising Dusk. I'll be on here from time to time so please feel free to leave comments, feedback, etc.
For more information about those involved check out
And finally here are some screenshots.

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