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Extensions / Re: HUD Console
« on: June 22, 2015, 05:42:06 am »
Thank you very much. Now is there any way to set the heigh and width of the console and place it in my own coordinates?
And is there any way to print text in consonle without print function? The problem is that in print you get more informations and doesn't show only text.

Bug Archives / Re: Stencyl Engine Extenstion isn't recognised by GUI
« on: June 21, 2015, 07:42:34 am »
Ok, I edit the .hx file inside the winrar and just updated the zip.
I manage to install the extension. Thank God.
But now I have a more terrifying problem.
When I rum my game and type the command I add. It's says "Unknown". Like I never edited that file.
The more crazy think is when I go to my ROAMING working directory and open the extension file to see what happen,
my changes are writen as I did.
The machine reads things that doesn't exist.
I'll go crazy now.....

Bug Archives / Stencyl Engine Extenstion isn't recognised by GUI
« on: June 21, 2015, 07:11:50 am »
Hello all,
To day I spent all morning trying to edit the HUD Console extension,35554.0.html. I added my own functions, change the some texts, etc.
When I finished I save the contents of the extension folder in a rar file. But every time I try to install it nothing happens. I said that maybe the program find it dublicated so I change the info of the extension. Nothing. Then I took the test extension from Haxa folder, edit it a bit and the tried to install it. Again nothing. I also delete the original HUD extension from my working directory. Again nothing. The official extension is working but even if I change it with my own infos, it's just like nothing changed. I am very confuse and my head is in pain.  :(
I working in Windows 8 x64 bit with Stencyl 3.3.1.
Thanks in advance for your time,

Extensions / Re: HUD Console
« on: June 21, 2015, 05:39:59 am »
I want first to congrats the developer for that superb idea! Now I have few questions.

Is there any way to resize the hud and position it in any direction of the scene I want. I want it to be static, don't allow the user to move it with mouse be always shown. I checked the .hx file but I coudn't find how to enable that option. I program in C and C++ so if someone has any idea to change the code file don't miss to inform me. :)

Another idea I came up and wanted to ask you guys is if  it's possible to add arguments in the console.
So when I type eg  "command --help" to show me a multicoment box about the options I have. Just like linux terminal commands.
Another example "comand -p <somevalue> -o <anothervalue>" where some value then I want to test it for correctness with my default value.
Eg if I type "command  -p 1234" and "1234" isn't "665" I'll get an error message in the console.
Excuse my low sklills but I want to know if it's possible, even if I need to write the .hx file.

Thanks for your time,

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