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They are amazing!
I'll send you a PM!

I could probably figure this out on my own but how would I go about making a whole inventory/stockpile, and making it so it allows me to view the equipment of all my servants to de-equip things and equip new things at the stockpile?

Edit: I may not even use Stencyl. Any suggestions on what to use? I can script in Lua and code in C++. I figured I'd try out something new. So far, It's just not coming to me. Anything you guys can recommend(especially good for this rouge-like type gameplay) that I could use?
Should I try Flixel?

This sounds like a really cool idea. You say you have some art done- if possible, could you show it? That could help generate interest for the game and maybe even get someone to tag along and help you code.

mmm...Of course. Just to be honest its not FINISHED. All of this stuff is placeholders, I'm trying to find an Artist that will work for free. Also, I can't post Actors ATM. I will later today.

Tileset so far:
(In Order: Stone, Stone Wall, Snow, Stained Grass, Sandstone Wall, Sand, Sand Pit(from Giant Ant Lions), Hill(Major Placeholder LOL), Hellstone, Hellstone Wall, Dead Grass, Grass, Dirt.

Liquids(they have "flowing" animations", but I can't really find a way to post them without it seeming confusing) Thats all the liquids I have planned. If anyone has more ideas, I'll make them.:
(In order: Water, Lava, Bloody water, Acid, Plasma, Golden Water, Stained Water, Whirlpool.)

Resources(once again, Placeholders for until I get an artist):
(In order: Tree, Winter Tree, Stained Stone, Stained Tree, Silver, Opal, Nightmare Stone, Magma Rock, Diamond, Gold, Copper, Cobblestone, Citrine, Ammolite.)

A few placeholder Items I made in last 30 minutes(please, click on pics, they don't look right in thumbnails!:
(In order: Silk, Pickaxe, Shovel, Paper, Ore(This is for all ores, hover over it to see what kind it is), Gem(same as ore), Cloth, Egg, Bread, Bucket, Apple, Axe.)

And Blood:

It's programmers art  :P
and I know, the tiles are quite big(50x50). I'm gonna change it, or I'll keep it to make the worlds seem bigger  ;)

I'm not hoping for GOOD feedback on this artwork, as it's all rushed placeholders I made in a day.

And yeah, Ethan. I need someone to help code. And as I said before, I need an artist.

If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM.

« on: June 03, 2011, 12:27:59 pm »
Game: Fit For a King
Type: Rougelike RPG, Simulation
Rating: T
Made By: WeDiedByCyanide Studios, the Community  :P

Alright, I'm making a game called "Fit for a King", Which is currently the working title. So far I have art done, Character movement, and a simple GUI. The next thing I need in World Generation, which will be my biggest feat. That is why I need you, the Stencyl community to help.
First of all, I need help making a Terrain that works in my game. The randomly generated terrain would be somewhat large(you'll get the idea of how big when you read on.)

Here is something about the world Generation I need to clear up.
1. CAVES ARE ON THE SURFACE. There is no digging down, so pretty much no need for "layers" in the world generation.
2. This one may be a little hard to explain. Some towns/fortresses/Cities are built during World Generation. But after world generation, Cities and fortresses and stuff are still built, in real time, wherever they are in the world.

I need a lot of things to randomly generate. Heres a list and what It needs to have.
1. Caves: Caves will sometimes have lava, rare ore, etc. These type of caves would be more rare. Most of the time they will spawn things like Copper, Coal, Cobblestone, Silver, and Gold, or other common ores, and have water. These would be common caves. I would want about 25 in the world generation.

2. Dwarf Fortresses. I would need to have about 6 or so on the map at first generation.

3. Ratman Junkyards. I want about 3 during world generation.

4. Elven Strongholds. I want maybe 4 or so during world generation.

5. Molmen Caves. I maybe want 2.

6. Goblin Camps. I want 4.

7. Human Castles. I want 5 of these.

8. I need things on the "Surface" to generate, too. I need Trees, Rivers, Etc.

9. I have an idea for "Stained" places, which randomly generate on the surface. Think about the Corruption on Terraria. It's like that.

How would I come across making all those things generate?

If I come up with any more idea, I'll post them here.

Edit: Also, I want people to drop Items/leave behind blood spots when they die, or If they die by water make the water bloody. How would I do this?

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