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I just finished playing all of them. I was really impressed. There were a few that used the jump and run or other kits - it would have been nice seeing those made from scratch. Even if they were buggy, the students would have learned more about programming trying it out for themselves.

My rule was that they had to have at least one custom event or behavior. Mostly they used the examples for score and game attributes in these custom events, and stuck to behaviors for movement. Ultimately, the logic of variables like a score and conditionals to move between levels were the more valuable lesson for this age group I think. Granted many of them were fairly buggy. I did go through and clean most of them up, mostly collision boxes & groups were the biggest issue they ran into.

Just wanted to share the results of a 5 week game development unit done with my 7th Graders in Stencyl. We did a few examples from the educator resources than went into building our own games. I tried to be as hands off as possible having the pairs of students drive to learn from using examples, resources and documentation. We made some unique art in Piskell that came out amazingly, the 7th graders loved the art aspect of it. Overall a huge success and the students are all super proud of themselves.  I certainly want to come back to Stencyl later in the classroom, maybe with a deeper dive into game design at its core.

News / Re: 3.4.0 (Beta 2) - January 7, 2016
« on: January 19, 2016, 07:34:46 am »
There are a few issues I've been running into with the Educators Kit files running in 3.4 on OSX. I opened a thread here:,46033.0.html

Hopefully I can fix the issues as I run into them and publish the fixed files if you'd like to repackage them into the educators kit.

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