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Ask a Question / Problems with double purchase with real IDs.
« on: April 16, 2016, 12:51:28 pm »
Someone knows a solution for the problems when buying IAP with real IDs?

I read almost all posts on the forum and they say that it only occurs with google fixed IDs but I tested it with real IDs and this problem is the same:

- In the 1st click you have a google pop-up showing your purchase was ok, but only in the 2nd click your purchase works fine.

I put some "prints" in my code (testing with real IDs) and noticed that everytime on the 1st click I received a canceled event - when a purchase is canceled - even when google pop-up said my purchase was ok.

Only on the 2nd click the success event - when a purchase succeeds - is happening, and the purchase is released without the google pop-up.

Somebody can help with this?


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