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Ask a Question / Re: Network Installation
« on: March 05, 2012, 07:43:29 am »
Dear Stencyl Team and Joe,
I am being asked to deploy StencylWorks out onto a network of 400 computers, We are a non-profit center with one of our main focus areas being Game Design, we really like the product but we are having some real challenges with a suitable install.

We have the following features:
Win 7 environment
Active Directory
Folder Rediretion
DFS Namespaces
Roaming Profiles

We have managed to do the prefs file changes as suggested but now it seems the software will not find the backslashes '\'  in the user profile location... so it looks something like \place.domainuserusernamehomedir   

My guys think it is a Java related issue coming from Mac which doesn't normally use backslashes in the same way?

What news on the MSI installer and Version 2.0??

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