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News / Re: Stencyl Jam 2016 7th - 16th October
« on: November 30, 2016, 04:11:35 pm »
Hey everyone,

It's Stencyl Jam time again!

This year we are going for a 10 day Jam that will be hosted on Gamejolt. There will also be a theme which will be announced the day before the jam starts. Ill give more details on how to submit your game closer to the start of the jam.

Prizes will be,

1st Place $300 + Stencyl Studio license
2nd Place $150 + Stencyl Studio license
3rd Place $50 + Stencyl Studio license

Winners picked by a Jury.

But remember its mainly about having fun, trying out some new mechanics or game ideas and chatting to other Stencylers in the forums and on Discord.
When does it start?

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