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Excellent! ^_^

I cannot wait! Good luck on ERC and take care with your school work guys!

That's cool, take your time. I can wait, your schoolwork comes first and I got PLENTY of games to play and beat first in the meantime.

It would be great to have the "Event System" from RMXP or VX in as I'm used to making events like that, though I'm not sure how Stencyl handles events for RPGs yet (as I haven't dibbled into that much yet outside of the crash course kit).

By the way will the Battle System you have in mind allow you to "pick" the basis of what type you're going for? Like a Side-View Battle System (with or without Animated sprites, though I plan to use animated sprites for battle) or a Front-View Battle System (like XP Default system) for example?

Honestly hated how they had the Battle System setup for XP and VX and I hope ERC can fix that, using scripts can be a mess at times considering what's compatible and what's not. And seeing as it's an extension of Stencyl I can hope you can allow more layer options than XP? VX has the most mapping for fields in that regard and I like to make some really amazing maps for my RPG.

Well than, take care guys! Don't rush it and take some time if you like, I'm in no rush. Gives me more time to play my games and work up designs for my own! ^_^

Honestly I can't wait until this Easy RPG Creator is truly done! I have two big RPG Projects I want to make and it's design to be like console game so they're going to be Desktop PC games when I'm done with them, however I'm quite limited with RPG Maker XP when it comes to features and the scripts will sometimes not work and cause a lot of hassle trying to do the most simple of things like GUI setup for the menus or adding an Overdrive feature for skills.

Hopefully this Easy RPG Creator tool is similar to features that RPG Maker has so I can go into setting up the Events, Layers, and Database settings for my characters. Keep up the good work! ^_^

Game Ideas / Re: Fan-Game RPG Project Idea
« on: March 10, 2013, 04:47:28 am »
Wow... it's been a long time since I last posted in my old topic of mine. I feel like I should reveal what kind of fan-game this is, but I want to keep it under wraps for a little bit longer.

Anyway I would like to mention these two features I want to implement into my game project:

  • Costume System: Characters will have sets of Costumes they can wear for cosmetic purposes only for fun that ranges from certain themes for all characters, certain costumes elusive to each character, and crossover costumes. You unlock costumes by completing certain side-quests or buying them at a certain store when they finally appear in stock and can be changed either through the main menu or save points or costume changing places.
  • Achievement System: A fun little system that rewards players for completing certain challenges with ranks corresponding the difficulty of gaining them, Bronze Level Star, Silver Level Star, Gold Level Star, and Platinum Level Star. Now only that but this Achievement ties in with the New Game+ Options where you unlock new features to use after a certain amount of Achievements are unlock like having the players have their levels reset on NG+ or not and another to increase how many items you can carry.

Once I reveal more info on my game and some artwork I hope I'll find some people here who wouldn't mind helping me make this game a reality seeing as this is a very ambitious RPG game project. Though I'm busy with a lot of other things I hope I'll find willing partners to help make this game... which includes game art, music, and a few other things like playtesting and such.

I hope you guys enjoy it when I get the chance to reveal more of it!

PS: I noticed the warning message "this topic has not been posted in for at least 120 days. Unless you're sure you want to reply, please consider starting a new topic."

I hope it's OK for me to add this small update to my old topic and when it's time to reveal what fan-game project it is I'll make a new topic. If not I'll start a brand new topic, if that's alright with you.

Game Ideas / Re: Fan-Game RPG Project Idea
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:43:11 pm »
That looks reasonably close for a start. Unusually, I think of Madara from Youchien Senki Madara (SFC) when I look at the sprite... minor coincidence. It does look SNES-worthy... maybe minus a few colors here and there.

I do have a special music player for that type of music with the opening and loop segment... I sent .png files with the behaviors enclosed inside to VirusChris (yes, they're importable as behaviors into StencylWorks...). Thus, if there is lag (especially on my computer), the music shouldn't hiccup too badly.

The artwork or the sprite? I think you mean sprite when comparing it to my artwork. Anyway I don't EXACTLY want the same style as Tokio there, but I would like to get a more professional look and the colors to appear more like professional-like when game developers have promotional art instead of it having to appear as if the drawing came from a picture book.

Never heard of Youchien Senki Madara, but I'll look it up. I'm modeled my sprite after the RMVX, which I guess is SNES like. Thank you for the feedback.

By the way KungFuFurby, a friend of mine listen to the music you made for my game and he liked it however he mentioned the looping sounded a little too repetitive. Maybe he's right, it is short and doesn't seem to be most of the song I PM about with the second half of the song not in this remix (though the ending part doesn't really need to be here).

I mean no disrespect or anything, but is it possible to make it longer and have the looping of what I tried to due with a (horrible failed) extended version of the song. However if it is not possible, please excuse me rudeness of asking you such a thing after what you did with what you heard from the video and possible stepping out of line with my request. Makes it feel like I didn't appreciate your hard work on the remix song.

Another small request was a victory fanfare song! Though I'm not sure I'll try and search for a song related to my project to show you to get an idea on what the fanfare should sound like. I'll PM it to you.

Please and thank you!

Game Ideas / Re: Fan-Game RPG Project Idea
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:22:26 pm »
Hey, that's OK. It's nice to get a little sneak peek so early. It's happened before that the music has been showcased.  :D

Good to know! So... what do you think of the main character's look? I could use a better artist to touch him up a bit to make him really stand out and make it closer to the artwork examples I have posted.

Game Ideas / Re: Fan-Game RPG Project Idea
« on: May 17, 2012, 12:13:07 am »

I've updated some of my post with Character Artwork of the Protagonist, some other details of the game, and a sample music of the game (just one song though).

Take a look and give me some feedback!

Stencyl Pro is $79 per year, and we haven't taken away features from the free version; rather, we've just added premium features, most of which have to do with monetization ($$). For example, you can still make Flash games with the free version, but if you want EXE and APP files that don't require a separate Flash player (as you might when distributing on, say, Steam), we ask you to purchase a Pro license. Most people have Flash Player installed anyway, so the biggest use case for this is when you're going for certain sponsorships ($$) or if you want to distribute on a platform like Steam (also $$).

Ah, I see! Though the desktop game I have in mind if free to download for fun, not for profit! So I can still make standalone or desktop game in the Free version, right? Though it's tougher to make a .exe file with the Free version?

The Pro just allows allows more easier conversations and allow you to sell your games at different sponsors?

I don't know what Mochi is anyway, but I'm a little surprised if have to pay now for Stencyl... well a Pro version if it. Reminds me of the RPG Maker Trials, except you have it for 30 days and you have to buy it to unlock the full version and all its features.

I'm still a little skeptical, we can't make any Standalone games for the PC unless I pay for Stencyl Pro? Also it's a yearly pay, as in that's how much it is for a year? $79 a year for Stencyl Pro or $79 a month year long for Stencyl Pro?

I'm taken aback from this, plus I haven't really be using Stencyl as I'm busy with a lot of other stuff as well. So this is a bit of a downer for me, but I get where you're coming from. You invest in your own time and pockets to make Stencyl but you're not super rich so you need a little extra cash and you're willingly to provide extra features for Stencyl for people who asked for it but return a little something to keep Stencyl going.

Though this isn't too expensive, I'm still not set on buying Pro yet unless I know about the pay. And I really like to make Standalone games for the desktop without paying, I don't mind the Splash Screens (like the Kingdom Hearts splash screens, right?) for a few of my games.

Completed / Re: Easy Actor Organizing?
« on: May 02, 2012, 11:25:12 am »
I think they have this feature for quite a few months already. I would really recommend you save your games and upgrade to 2.0.

Upcoming 2.1 is awesome with added stuff in scene designer. It's a lot of fun.

Truth be told, I never made a game yet with Stencyl due to work and a few various other video games eating up my time. But there was one game I made by following a tutorial here and I liked! So I'll re-save it and download Stencyl 2.0!

Thanks for the heads up!

Completed / Re: Easy Actor Organizing?
« on: May 02, 2012, 10:23:54 am »
It sounds like the feature that you described is already there.

Go to Actor Types in Dashboard

1. Click Create Folder on top right and make a folder.
2. You can right click on any actors to send that actor type to this folder.

Ah! Did not know that, but I think I'm using an old version of Stencyl... v1.4 or lower. Was that there from the start or added in at a later version?
Good to know! Thank you for sharing this with me. ^_^

Completed / Easy Actor Organizing?
« on: May 02, 2012, 12:25:31 am »
I was thinking about this for some time, but when you create new Actors especially when you have a lot of them they're also scattered around in one big page and they're organized by alphabet. However when you have many different Actors for different purpose it can get disorganized and hard to keep track of them.

It would be great to have a sort of "Folder" system to keep the Actors in one group that you have them for to better organize and keep track of them. Kinda like the RPG Maker with the Folders for Character Sprites, Item Sprites, Animations, Music, etc...

I think it would be nice to have the page to be divided up into sections where you put your Actors in, Actors for character sprites, Actors for items, Actors for score and such. Like this:


Something like that until of everything in one big page. Sorry if I didn't search hard enough to see if anything else like this was suggested. Please I don't think I've come across anything like this to organize Stencyl items besides naming them as such.

What do you guys think? Think this is a good idea? Just throwing it out there to help keep everything together and make it easy to search for your Actors you made.

Game Ideas / Re: Fan-Game RPG Project Idea
« on: May 01, 2012, 11:05:25 pm »
Thank you CaptMoose for that post! I understand that Stencyl isn't an RPG Maker, but it's a game maker that can make any kind of game even RPGs and that's why I wanted to use this as it seems like I can get what I wanted for the RPG I've envision as RPG Maker VX is easily to build RPGs but the Ruby Scripting can cause other features to clash and such.

True what I'm planning on doing is a tall order to fill, however I want to start off small with simply designing the game menus and how to handle everything before I work on the battle system. The mapping would be easy to do because the World Map I have in mind is a giant picture with small icons to locations where the play and select and enter.

I'm not going to code everything at the geto-go, but when I do I want to start building from what I have so I don't bite off more than I can do so I can get everything in order. The story events are going to be tricky to code in using the snippets, as the RPG Maker is excellent on handling those, but once I get it going it will be fun making the possible story branches.

I'm not a programmer, or should I say a strong programmer but I've learned how to use Java, C++, C#, and Flash so I understand the coding for those a bit but not enough to fully program a game. My true talents lies in my drawing and story writing skills.

I'm going to document what I plan to have in my game here and such, and need lay out the features I need to have in my game as I need those to fully bring out the game's potential and work on them. However some thing might change, so I might have to discard a feature or two or add new features later on.

I'm a little unsure what psuedocode is as I don't come across that term a lot, but I'll practice and learn as much as I can to see what I can get. And NPC contact? Not sure what that means. ^^;

Though I don't recall KunFuFurby mention wanting to join my little project, but I welcome anyone willingly to join and help on this project! I know I can't really do this on my own! However this project is a FAN-GAME so I hope any music composer can get the music sounding like the music from the game I have in mind.

I believe this game will be popular as it's based off of a popular game series, however it hasn't been release outside of Japan but it has numerous fans overseas. A little hint to what the game I have in mind is.

Right now I'm going to work on the artwork for the main character, to use as a profile picture for the Status menu and possible Main Menu, and the artwork of the first enemy you fight. I already have the sprite for the main character done, but I'll wait to show it until the artwork is done for the main character. And I'll show a video of how the Map Travel system will be like using the RPG Maker VX.

There is just a few design details I have in mind for the Menus, especially with the Weapon Leveling System added, I'm afraid even with RPG Maker's Ruby Scripting will not yield the result I want or need for it and with Stencyl's Design mode makes that possible! But I still need to code it in for it to work.

Still not ready to work on it, but with careful planning and getting most of the artwork done for the game I'll be ready to start truly working on my RPG game. It's not going to be a very long RPG like most RPGs, but I still want it to be truly fun and entertaining for the players with many treats and an excellent gameplay. I already have a few easter eggs in the game plan which refers to other game series without outright stating it.

Once I have a lot more information in order I will reveal what fan-game is it, however I hope it will be well received here. Considering the Protagonist is a male and that world, they're going to be people who will be strongly discourage by that fact.

News / Re: Stencyl 2.0 Beta (Updated Apr 4th)
« on: April 08, 2012, 01:40:50 pm »
Oooh! I'm excited! I can't wait until next week!
Going to be awesome when 2.0 is officially out!

Game Ideas / Re: Fan-Game RPG Project Idea
« on: April 06, 2012, 09:28:19 pm »
[Reserved Post]

Just in case I need more room to post artwork and such.

Any comments so far on the features? Yeah, I know it's a lot and a handful, but I truly believe it will be an excellent and fun RPG if I get all of the features and battle system down right! Might have a few changes for the final product.

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