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Paid Work / [PAID WORK] Looking for my game to get started
« on: September 10, 2017, 05:21:24 am »
Hi! I have been struggling to develop my own game due to lack of time juggling my full time work and kids etc so I have decided to look for a professional to do the game development. I can create the sprites/objects of the game and some of the graphics, including background have already been created but I am struggling on coding.

The game is very simple and straight forward and I have even created the game on Scratch already; I am just struggling to translate the code into Stencyl and just encountering bugs as I move forward. Animation is dead simple as it's 'retro' styling so basic 2D animation and REALLY REALLY simple movement.

Please post your link to your work here and PM me how much you would charge. I am looking for a relatively polished game for me to publish it on the App Store and Google Play so I will need some sort NDA (can anyone please tell me how to avoid developers on copying my game concept?).

Thank you!

Archives / Re: Set width/height for [actor] block
« on: June 28, 2017, 04:20:30 am »
Innes Borkwood, what are the width, height, X position and Y position of all actor types, in the course "Create your first video game from scratch without coding" because in my game my actor types are way smaller than yours. I think its because i'm using a MacBook, and I have the newest version.

Ask a Question / Re: two actor at same layer
« on: May 24, 2017, 08:17:59 pm »
I would suggest you check the collision sensors just in case one is ticked as a 'Sensor'.

Thanx decafpanda.

I have already tried that before unfortunately and the item doesn't go back down and just continuously floats upwards. I also made sure that Gravity is ON and I tried different materials under physics as Rubber, Metal and Wood - all seem to do the exact same thing.

Here are the codes attached which includes when the bouncing item is created.


Apologies for this question as I learned coding through Scratch 2.0. I basically want a ball to bounce just straight up on a tennis racket upon collision, then obviously go down again for the tennis racket to hit it.

In that program, I used to tell my Actor/Sprite to:

"Change Y by ___"

and that means the Actor will move/slide to that destination from it's last destination. How do I do this in Stencyl upon collision with another Actor?

Or simply put - how can I make an Actor bounce up straight upwards with a random Y-point, then bounce all the way down again?

Excellent! Thanks for all the help guys!

Replace the second and the third "if" block with the "otherwise if" block.

Excellent that worked like a breeze!

Can I also ask, how do I use 'Touch Left' or Right on Stencyl i.e. when I press left part of screen, my Actor should move left and likewise when pressed right? My guess is to make a left and right Region, then use them as controls or is there a better/easier way?

OK thank you I'll try that now!

Hi all,

I was hoping you can assist me please. I am relatively new to the coding industry and need some help.

I want to move a character to 4 certain X positions by Keyboard Press (Left and Right) or by Touch Screen (left Region and right Region). Problem is it moves to the extreme left position or extreme right position as you can see in my code. I used to have the same problem when I did this in Scratch but I was able to solve the problem by using a "WAIT" code but I can't find a similar solution in Stencyl.

Please help. Thanks in advance!

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