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Chit-Chat / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:48:26 pm »
Hi, my name is -CML- Divisionary, and I come from Wellington, New Zealand. Basically I'm at an Institute of Technology (a Community College)  studying IT basics, and one of my courses includes a large Portion of Stencyl.

I'd say Kongregate was my main game site for ages. Back in the day, and my first kinda hyped up Flash game that I played and really stuck on to was 'Platform Racing', on GameFudge. That ofcourse turned into PR2 on Kong, and really exploded into life about 6 -7 years ago, maybe more.

First game was at 5 years old, got Age of Empires 1, out of a Nutri-grain box, and Age of Empires 2 at 6 years old has been my all time favourite game. At the moment I enjoy the challenge of the Solo Rust Wipes on Rustafied AU Main, but about a year ago I joined the biggest and most positive clan in Rust, CML. I've learnt a lot about many different ways to communicate ones ideas on the internet. Was part of a Mount'n'Blade Community called MOV from about 17-19ish yrs old, ended on not the best terms, but was a great eye opener. Thanks for not letting me return mate, helped me move forward, and find my own way (finally understood what you meant). At the moment I enjoy a bit of the casual Discords, meeting many different types of people from all over, and kinda staying away from the more toxicities on the net. Mainly just talking to people at about the differences in experiences you have inside communities when you get good at making positive decisions, while also being able to laugh and learn from your mistakes.

I enjoy long and in-depth conversations about many different things, a lot of a voice comms person, less text chat. Played a bit of Gmod SWRP for the first time 8 months ago, joined up, met a large mainly Aussie community, eventually became a regiment leader, and a Server Moderator. I had a good run of that, still keep in touch, have since left those positions as it is natural for the server to turn over players. Moving forward from it, I signed up with a Volunteer group as my Institute, and have kinda taken a little bit of a backseat on gaming recently. Worlds are looking pretty good so far, C9 and FNC doing really well against the other 3rd seed teams. I start the Monkey game today, and plan to use the Knowledge I will gain to one day create Mods for the certain games I consider classic.

To be honest, I don't really know how much I will use these forums, but if you ever decide to get into Rust, hit me up.
(Not trying to Recruit or advertise, just got a small group of friends going some wipes, and we like bring new well mannered people in sometimes.)
Steam: -CML- Divisionary
Fav Song atm: Airglow by Lazlo
Fav Book: The Magician

Yea, basically just carry on what your doing, one of my first tasks is to actually come on here and do an Intro, but yah know, I write too much. Talking and Eating are Hobbies, and I can do them for several Hours at a Time.

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