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Ask a Question / Re: Unable to run demo games from stencyl forge
« on: July 04, 2020, 11:59:11 pm »
Ok...Thanks for the clarification!
Thankfully I am able to see and follow the code of these demo games which itself is a lot of help for a novice like me.
Yes I have done the crash course and am going through videos by Indie Station, Lense on life and other Stencyl tutorials.
These have been a tremendous help in boosting my confidence.
I will certainly post future problems that I encounter, on this forum. Thanks  :)

Ask a Question / Unable to run demo games from stencyl forge
« on: July 04, 2020, 04:18:18 am »
I am using Stencyl When I try to run demo games like Catapult and Jigsaw puzzle from Stencylforge the Adobe flash player gives an action script error #1132 Invalid JSON parse input. I had run the upgrade the game and continue during installation. Can someone tell me what needs to be done to fix this problem? I have attached the error log file.

I am new to Stencyl, but have made decent progress during this lockdown period :-X
I want to make a science game which requires questions containing symbols,  subscripts and superscripts to be displayed from a list.
I tried looking up on the forum but could not find any tips on this. Could someone guide me with this ?
Thanks in advance!

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