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Game Art / Re: Pixel Art Advice
« on: May 07, 2012, 11:36:56 pm »
I found this tutorial while I was looking up how to solve my other problem,

I thought it was really, really well done.

Hello Everyone,

I am a first time poster here. I am hoping someone can help me out, and in so doing the record of this post can be useful to others who later find themselves travelling on the same path. Some preliminary issues I wanted to get out of the way before asking my question:

I am not asking for handouts, hiring, or asking people to "make a gaem" for me based on my "brilliant" ideas.

I was greatly influenced, inspired, and impressed by the art styles of gemini Rue and lone survivor.

I am just in need of some art advice, because I've been working over and over on something and it just isn't comming out right.

I am working on preliminary art for a "sideways facing (sidescrolling) survival horror/wierdness/suspense exploration/adventure/light action" game. Try saying that three times fast. Genre theory aside, this is what I am up to:

The interactable world will be 5 32x32 tiles high at its tallest.

The ceiling will end 16 pixels from the top (midway) on the first tile, the back wall will be 3 and a half tiles high at its tallest (which is vault sized, but I wanted the extra room for taller creatures and vista views, will adjust this by 1 tile for normal rooms as the situation demands), a floor area will be about 8 tiles, and a cut-through of the floor will be 32x32. This will measure out to 160 total height at 32 width.

The perspective I was to create is just very slightly isometric looking strait onward.

I am trying to create this effect:

while actually using this canvas:

The reason I am doing this is that I don't like how in classic 2d platformers we get a strait sideways cutaway view of the floor, without any texture of what the top of the floor looks like.

The meat of the issue is that I need help creating a template for the normal human characters. For the life of me I keep screwing up the shoulders and the torso and leg heights and widths.

I want to allow for movement animation, so I want my character at rest to be 59 or 60 pixels tall, because that will also allow me to make slightly taller and slightly shorter people.

The only directions the char will face, except when I make up special animations, will be left, right, towards camera, towards wall. If I can just get some sort of template/outline for realistic proportioned people within 32x64, I can be up up and away. I'm a slow worker, but I can steadily make derivative work, my problem is with realistic human anatomy.

Can anyone help me? I just need an outline of the main anatomical features of human beings within this envelope. Hair, clothes, skin, I can do the texturing and everything just fine, but I could really use some help with the outline.

For me this is kind of a start-up problem, because I need these basic measurements in order to get out there and pump in content.

Thanks in advance Stencyl Community.

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