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Ask a Question / Re: help with behavior please
« on: April 20, 2013, 11:26:50 pm »
If you are still having issues with collision and can't get it to work you could also try creating a region the same size as one tile, around your actor.  something like this.

This is kinda what I had to do in some earlier versions of stencyl.

Paid Work / Come make a TD-RPG with me.
« on: April 16, 2013, 05:44:51 pm »
Hey guys, You can call me Rhino or pope.  I am a network security Guy from Seattle.  I picked up a project about a year ago, here using stencyl, with a small team.  That project fell apart do to the fact that a lot of my team had other jobs and lived over the pond from me; the reason I am posting this here is to tell you that the project is back. 

I have decided to raise this game back up from the ashes.  It is a Top-down RPG built off of the example dialog.  It is still in pre-alpha stages but in the last few weeks I have made huge improvements with the help from some of the ppl here on the forums, and because of the great community here I would like to help improve the somewhat neglected game type for everyone else.  As I have scrolled through the forge I have noticed that the top-down rpg hasn't really been touched much.  There are not many behaviors or really anything to help someone along the way of actually making a top down RPG.  Well that is where I come in.  As I develop this game I will be periodically be releasing my code out on to the forge for others to use free of charge.

On top of releasing all of my code I am also making a step by step video diary for the games production.  It will show you not only what I am currently doing on the game but will also give those people that don't under stand code a step in the right direction.  Because I am not a "professional stencyler" I will make mistakes, and there will most likely be much better ways to do some of the things I am doing, but that is the fun in it we can learn together.

So come and join me in the creation of a new game, and help me develop new code and behaviors for the  forge. 

Website/play the game in current stage:

ps I know there is non-original music in the game, I am working on that.. the music that is currently there is just a place holder.  I hope to see you all around ;)

Ask a Question / Re: Need help with AI
« on: April 05, 2013, 04:15:56 pm »
Thank you for your help.  I got it to work with your suggestion here is what I did.  I still need to tweak it a bit to get the placement just right but here you go.

Ask a Question / Re: Need help with AI
« on: April 05, 2013, 03:18:36 pm »
have 2 game attributes, one for the main actors X and Y co-ordinates. Update them constantly in the "always" event.

might be better placing regions on each of the bad guys. then when the hero enters a bad guys region, the bad guy adjusts his X and Y eg

Also the other issue I had when I was setting the region for the enemy was that It would only create one region for all the actors.  I will post a follow up when I code it up.

Ask a Question / Re: Need help with AI
« on: April 05, 2013, 03:13:18 pm »
Yeah That is how I started it out but moved the region to the player character after getting stuck. 

Also I did have it set to pushing the enemy but I was messing with other options and forgot to change it back for the picture. 

The issue I have though is with the fact that when I Use " x of region" it always points to the bottom right of the level regardless. 

I will try it your way and see if I get results thank you.   

Ask a Question / Need help with AI
« on: April 05, 2013, 12:13:09 pm »
Hey guys I am creating a top down rpg.  It's still in pre alpha.  You can play it here:

The current behavior is not currently implemented into the game, because I need some help. 

If you want to help I uploaded it to the forge under Line of sight wip

The way I am trying to get it to work:
I made a Dynamic region that follows the playable character.  When an enemy enters that region, the enemy will move toward the player and attack them. 

I cannot for the live of me figure out how to get the enemy to actually move to the player character.

Things I have tried:
I tried
and a few other things but all the enemy does is move to the bottom right corner of the screen.


line of site:  the region that is created around the player
enemy actor (1-4) : the different enemy actors in the scene

Paid Work / Re: Who wants to make an RPG? :)
« on: May 27, 2012, 08:26:47 pm »
Hey Sunflower,

I am currently in the process of creating a top-down/open-world RPG.  Now before you look at my profile, notice that i have only been here for like a week, say good luck, and move on, let me sway you. 

I may be a noob to the engine and somewhat of a noob to action script, but this is not the first coding language I have ever looked at.  I am a 22 year old guy from Seattle and have been coding python/ruby for years.

Although most of my experience has been developing exploits for windows based machines through metasploit I do have a bit of game coding experience as well.  I am an amateur 3d model-est ( i know this is a 2d engine), and I had a hand in the epsilon minecraft client. 

I already have the early alpha stage up on the site.  It includes one of the behaviors I coded from scratch.  Directional sword attack ( you can find in the forge)

I don't want to discuss any other ideas openly here in the forums so if you are interested at all send me a pm.  I am on pretty often.

~thank you

Ask a Question / collisions not working in 2.1
« on: May 26, 2012, 09:06:26 pm »
I had a lot of issues before with 2.0 but was always able to sort them out by giving weird values to the actors collisions, but now that I have updated and started over (the update completely broke my game in progress) the actor to actor or player to actor collision is pretty much non-existent.  Is this an issue with the API or is it just top down games that seem to not work (for example the RPG dialog example).  I have written Top-down RPG's before in python and have never had this much trouble getting collision to work correctly.

game in can be downloaded below

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

News / Re: Stencyl 2.1 - (Released May 25th)
« on: May 26, 2012, 12:23:54 pm »

Thank you. I'll log it also. When you say conflict, do you mean you cannot test your game if you do not change the playsound variable? I've no problem once I changed the 2 lines mentioned above.

Yes it will not let me test my game with out changing the variable.  I would give you the error msg but Stencyl stopped giving me error msg's now as well maybe I just need to reinstall.

Ask a Question / Re: RPG Town and Dialog example not working?
« on: May 25, 2012, 11:52:37 pm »
haha you beat me. but you may have to change the "playsound" var as well at least I did.

News / Re: Stencyl 2.1 - (Released May 25th)
« on: May 25, 2012, 11:50:58 pm »
That you, that worked but there seems to be a conflict with the "playsound" variable as well.  It conflicts with something from the API.  I just changed it (and all references to it) to "playsound1" and it worked fine. 

Thank you again.

Ask a Question / Re: RPG Town and Dialog example not working?
« on: May 25, 2012, 11:39:49 pm »
Yes I have the same issue.  I believe that they moved or changed the update and draw functions in the api. I know that doesn't help you but I believe that is what the problem is.  Someone should update the core soon or fix the 2 functions in question.

News / Re: Stencyl 2.1 - (Released May 25th)
« on: May 25, 2012, 11:13:35 pm »
Hey guys, like what you have done with the update but sadly I am having some issues with it.  It seems to have broken the "dialog box core".  I get this error
Code: [Select]
Behavior: DialogBoxCore_51 at line 127
Method marked override must override another method.
override public function update():void

Behavior: DialogBoxCore_51 at line 546
Method marked override must override another method.
override public function draw(g:Graphics, x:Number, y:Number):void

I am not an action scriptwriter so really don't know how to fix this.  I don't know if the functions were removed or moved but any help would be appreciated.


and the dialog box code if you need it can be found here:

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