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Journals / Re: What are you working on?
« on: July 07, 2011, 08:49:07 pm »
I've been working on a project that is meant to act as a testing grown for battle mechanics for a larget group project as well as possibly branch out into it's own game.

Paid Work / Re: Actor storage behavior help.
« on: July 07, 2011, 04:03:54 pm »
alright so I gave this a shot and so far it isn't working to well.

My current problem is identifying the actor attribute, with the "if [calledcohort] = [get item "item][0" from [cohort]], it will not recreate the actor, however when I remove it, it will recreate it but never store it back in again, only creating more (all of which still don't have the same stats as the original.)

the design mode looks like this:

slot1 = Actortype
party = Cohorts
Mon = CalledCohort

If you would like, I could send you the game in it's current state so you could see how everything works yourself.

Paid Work / Re: Actor storage behavior help.
« on: July 05, 2011, 02:52:30 pm »
Ah, nice,

And yes I would like for the player to be able to keep more than one cohort actor with them, about 4 or so in total (more in a separate remote storage but that's for another time), so I would like for you to show me how to modify this behavior to handle more than one cohort actor.

Paid Work / Re: Actor storage behavior help.
« on: July 05, 2011, 09:47:37 am »
Problem is using local lists wouldn't work because they would just get reinitialized, and I do not want to use a global list to store all the individual stat lists because there is no real way for behaviors in stencyl to memories it's own spot in the list.

What I am asking for is a way through action script code to accomplish this.

Paid Work / Actor storage behavior help.
« on: July 04, 2011, 05:40:27 pm »
Hi guys, I've been working on a behavior that stores a cohort actor into some form a memory (for now
being a list) and when the player desires, takes that actor out of the list and puts them back on the
scene the current player is on, however there is one major problem.

The game uses a stat system which have a formula the creates variance between each and every actor, that way no two actors of the same kind will have the same stat distribution at identical levels, stats are made once the actor is created, however the problem is whenever I use a "create actor" or "recycle actor" block, it reinitialises all the behaviors on the actor and making it brand new, this is not what I want.
Right now I stored the actor in a list, and am using a code block to get the actor, however I cannot take the actor out the list as it was when it was put in the list.

What I would like is to ask if there is a way through actionscript to take the actor out of the list or "create" it the same way it was put into the list.

The image of the behavior using this function is below.

The Slot1 attribute is an actor type attribute, there is actually suppose to be more than one of these as every cohort actor with you will be assigned to this actor type.

the Mon attribute is an actor attribute, it is basically there to take a cohort actor out of storage by identifying them

the Out on field attribute is a boolean, it's self explanetory.

The Current party attribute is a list attribute and the storage attribute, actors are suppose to be put into this attribute and taken out when needed (their spot in the index cleared afterwards as well.)

Any help would be appreciated, unfortunately I have nothing to give other than credit though.

p.s: No, I cannot use game attributes or game lists the stats have to be exclusive to each actor, and there can be several instances of the same actor, using game attributes to hold stat data would make every actor have the exact same stat distribution. and trying to keep track of individual stats on a list would be nightmarish and ultimately pointless at the end, as it would just create a constantly growing list.

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