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I gave the game a shot.  When you first get to the options screen to start the game. I thought the options would be better in another color like Black against the background. I understood the green because of turtles, but thought it was hard to see in the neon green.  It's kind of hard to tell what was turtles (look like boats), and what was trash at first. The white plastic bags, and cups are transparent to the background.  Then I thought that the items scrolling down could have been slower in the beginning, and maybe speed up later. Sometimes the item scroll down so fast its not possible to hit them all.  Maybe have like 3 lives/ errors allowed. Basically if one piece of trash gets through it's over.   The one item you click clearing the screen was a good idea, also thought about adding additional tools to clear trash faster as you progress the level. I did get a high score of 7.7k. Maybe an in game tracker board for top players scores.  Otherwise good solid start. Music seemed right,. Did not create anxiety, or stress. It was more casual trash cleaning music.

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