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Thanks very much for your help! This makes much more sense than what I was trying to do.

I'm trying to make a menu using an arrow-controlled cursor. My intent is for it to jump a standard distance when a key is pressed, check to see if it's touching an actor of the "Buttons" group, and if not, immediately return to its previous position.

From searching the forums and elsewhere, I'm gathering that collisions intentionally don't work when using the Set X/Y block, which explains all the trouble I'm having.

I've been trying to work up some kludges to get around this, but I feel like there's gotta be some elegant solution to create such a simple effect. How should I be approaching this?

I'm designing a behavior that will make a gun turret rotate to face the player, by rotating at a set speed rather than instantly putting itself on target. I do this by telling it: "If player position in degrees is less than direction of self, rotate counterclockwise. If it's greater, rotate clockwise."

It's working well, with one exception which you might have already predicted: when the player crosses the 360/0 degree threshold, the turret has to rotate all the way around the wrong way. How can I make the turret continue to follow the player in the same direction? I can post the behavior if it would help. Thanks very much for any advice!

Thanks very much, that took care of it! I had even tinkered with those settings before. I don't know why the solution wasn't obvious to me, but I really appreciate the help!

Hello to everyone, I just started using Stencyl and I'm very excited!

I'm creating a game in top-down view, and I have a problem with wall collision.

I'm covering my level in tiles to create a floor, and the walls are also made of tiles. Of course, my actors can't differentiate between floor tiles and wall tiles, so they walk right through the walls.

I went through the behaviors for the RPG example game, and I seem to have found the section that allows wall hits. Unfortunately, instead of design blocks, it is written out in code and I don't understand it, so I don't know how to copy it for my own game.

How can I make my actors collide with some tiles, and walk "over" or through others tiles?

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