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Toolset Extensions / Re: Easy RPG Creator for Stencyl
« on: July 21, 2013, 11:18:07 pm »
Awesom work you guys are doing, I was wondering how intensive creating a traditional turn based RPG extension or module takes. I can wait for you guys to finish before I attempt anything.

unrelated-but not necessarily: Has you or anyone at Siren Games tried Evoland? I ask because it's a pretty fun traditional RPG that pokes fun at itself. The trophies in the game are all references to improvements to RPG formula, with current information would you say have a dynamic camera can be applied to the battle system you're working on?

Game Ideas / Re: Get-A-Life
« on: October 11, 2011, 10:06:51 am »
This post contains concepts, mockups, mechanics, and screens that I'm going to try to implement. 

Game Ideas / Get-A-Life
« on: October 11, 2011, 10:01:55 am »
An idea I had after staring at Mother 3 sprites, tile sets, and Stencyl for an hour. If you any questions or comments please feel free to adress them to me. I'm tried reviewing this a few times if you spot an oxymoron or something doesn't quote make sense please I implore you to mention it.

(A Game by George Porter)

Synopsis: This isn’t a game about good, or evil. It’s not about who wins or who loses. It’s not an art project; it isn’t some sort of reflection of self. It’s a game about living and how it feels to be alive. What does it mean to BE alive? I’m not sure, but maybe experiences, change, growing, up and how we react to those things might help us give ourselves our own answers.

Open Game > Credits > Opening Cut Scene > Start Screen:

-   New Game
-   Continue

New Game:

20 Questions are asked at random to determine your personality traits and beginning stats.




After you’ve been asked your questions you are allowed to choose what you look like. This game does mimic the ways of the world. Such as racism, or stereotyping. What you look like can and will affect how NPC’s treat you.

Core Mechanics:

Ageing (Acts)
Social Circles (Who you interact with)
Time Spent
Weeks (Time Your allowed to do things)

Time: 4 Acts to comprise life. (Subject to Change)

1 year is 1 Act
1 Act is 52 Weeks
What you decide to do in a week is decided on the Friday, previously. Saturday and Sunday are spent on recreation and only special occasions are seen. (I.E. Valentines Day, Golden Week, etc.) How you spend your time on your off days can change you.

The Daily Grind: What you are doing Monday-Friday Evening.
This is core of the game where you basically eat, sleep, and go about your day-to-day life. Where you live, and what kind of life you’ve been given.
Here are some of the things that can happen on you TDG:

-   Stop by local convenience store for food or water.
-   Stop by local news stand for the paper, or a favorite comic or magazine (If you do not have a allowance of income these will not occur)
-   Meet someone new (New Social Circle.)
-   Go to birthday party of best friend
-   Mother or Fathers birthday
-   Stop by local café
-   See street performer
-   Studying
-   Taking out garbage
-   Washing dishes
-   Walk dog
-   Extracurricular Activity (Sport, Chess Club, Theatre Club, etc.)
-   Get sick
-   Get robbed
-   Loose wallet/purse/bag

The Weekend: During this part of the game you have full control of your character and can interact with different people. You also have options and places you can go, although limited keep in mind of where you spend your time if your ultimately trying to see more of the game and where you can up later in life.

Things you can do:
-   Talk to Parents
-   Talk to younger or older siblings
-   Call up a friend
-   Sleep in
-   Wake up early
-   Chores
-   Go to a movie
-   Go to a party
-   Go to a show
-   Go to the museum (If you have one)
-   Go to a bar
-   Go to a sport event
-   Go on a date
-   Go to the Mall
-   Go to the Market

Your day is broken up into times of day:

- Morning
- Noon
- Afternoon
- Evening
- Late Night

Nourishment and Growth: Nourishment and Growth is basically your health and stats. How well you’re eating and how often are you’re drinking water determine whether you’re obese or sickly. If parents are negligent and only give you snacks and not real food or don’t feed your properly at all your chances of being sickly, depressed, or obese in later parts of the game are higher.

Growth stats:

VIT - Vitality how resistant you are to headaches and colds.
ATH  - Athletics how active you are and how well you do physical things.
INT – Intelligence how good you are at solving problems.
PRO – How proactive or how lazy you are.
LUC- Luck how often random good/bad things happen to you.   
KAR- Charisma how likeable you are.   

Your Growth is affected by what you do, and affects what you may do down the line or even who you may or may not be able to talk to.

How-U-Doing? The HUD:

The HUD is basically exactly what it sounds like, it’s the display of how your character

Area: You will be given choices as to where you wish to live.
Depending on where in the world you live you can choose to live in the Americas, Eurasia, Africa, or on an Island.

- Suburbia
- Rural
- Metropolitan
- Village
- Slums

Acts: Acts are basically points of life in the game.

Act 1: Stomping’ Grounds (Early Childhood)

Depending on the questions you answered you can have two parents, 1 parent, or be an orphan.

-   Having 2 parents gives you automatically 2 people you can interact with at home
-   Having 1 parent gives you only one person to interact with when your home but more time to do things in the day
-   Living at an orphanage gives you 5-8 people to talk and interact with, your time spent will be randomly given but your social stats may be poor or great depending on how you behave if you are given this path

Act 2: The Growing Years (Early to late teens)

You are now feeling the affects of your hormones, now you may seek out the opposite or even same sex for relationships and companionship. Your early days are the best for getting your basic stats up now you may choose what you want to be proficient in.

-   Upon entering High School you are given choices in classes be careful though! If you take on too many school activities forget about getting a part time job.
-   Getting your school on may land you in a more favorable job
-   Choosing to do school and work may make you a more responsible and realistic well-rounded adult later try it out see where you end up!
-   Your relationship during this period can start and end here make sure to make time for you special other.
-   WHO you spend your time with can affect you during these years and make you the person you one day may be keep that in mind.
-   Labels like ‘delinquent’, ‘skipper’, ‘slacker’, ‘studious’, ‘honor student’, ‘busy body’, ‘precocious’, play-ah’, etc, are nifty little things that let you understand how others view you but it’s just a label don’t let others especially NPC AI affect you!
-   The number of people you can interact with has increased, go to local youth spots and see who you want to spend your time with

Act 3: The Later Years (Early adulthood to later adulthood)

Here we go! College, University, your about to take the world by storm! Except you now have to deal with new levels of relationships, how you conduct yourself as a person in society and get a job that can pay your bills and move out.

-   Post-Secondary options open up, if you manage to hack it and graduate then you (might) end up in that career!
-   College can fly by when it does be ready cause now it’s time to make it on your own.
-   You can get engaged and married, get along with your in-laws now they might help you pay for the actual wedding.
-   Is stress getting the best of you? Too much work not enough play? Then take a vacation for a week go away somewhere you may learn something new…
-   You can now go to bars, just remember to have those booking reports on my desk by five!
-   ‘Move’ you can now legally go anywhere you can afford, good luck it’s a big world out there!
-   Your stress bar can get pretty up and down here make sure you balance your life so you don’t burn out.

Act 4: Golden Years (retirement-seniority)

Ah it’s time to enjoy that special once and adult twice a child aspect of life…yup your not getting any younger better live out your dreams before you see the end of your rope.

-   Anniversary celebrate all the years you and your partner have been together…if you still have one.
-   Your 50th Birthday celebrate this milestone in your life
-   Retire, you’ve had a good run time to step down and let others handle things from here on out.
-   Visit grandkids
-   Grandkids visit you
-   With your time now opened up you can go back to school or even start a new business (venture, subject to be optional or not).
-   If you have the money to retain independence then you can keep your home if not you might be put in a home, it all depends though you might even get the option to choose.
-   Long vacation, go away for a few weeks see some new places visit some new places you never know what could happen ☺.

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