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Hi I'm trying to create a side scrolling shooter where the enemies move from off screen (right side) towards the hero ship (left side) I finally got them to spawn off screen using (Make [last created] always active) but once onto the screen they wont die when colliding with my laser actor. Any way around this, been trying to figure it out for hrs. Any help will be appreciated thank you.

Note: I start the scene with the same enemy actors on screen and they collide just fine with the lasers, its just the newly created enemy actors that don't die when hit.

Paid Work / Re: help needed to make a gun behaviour
« on: October 24, 2012, 12:31:10 pm »
Hey i actually just uploaded a behavior on forge that might help its basically an auto fire when you hold down a key and you can choose the rate of fire. Just look up for Auto Fire by me hope it helps, message me if you need any more help

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