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wow very nice stuff!  I was unaware that Stencyl had the capabilities to do this.  Watching the videos, it looks like a pretty well polished game. 

Chit-Chat / Re: What do you listen to?
« on: December 03, 2012, 09:46:25 am »
-Krizz Kaliko
-Anything Strange Music related really...

I gotta agree with Pink Floyd.  Sometimes I will switch it up and listen to some Dream Theater!!!!

Game Ideas / Re: Hector
« on: November 29, 2012, 11:28:30 am »
wow man. 

I thought this was a "necrod" thread because it's from July, but I was pleasantly surprised!  When I saw the first posts I was like, aww this would've been a great game, and then I got to the bottom and read the good news.

Obviously you've been working on this way before I even joined the forums and began work on my game (a month ago).  I loove seeing dedication when it comes to game ideas.  I've noticed a small trend where people post ideas, and make a few pictures, then you never hear from them again, but it seems like you got your **** together :)

Game looks fantastic.  I can't wait to kill that big ole' boss.

Game Ideas / Re: Break N' Take
« on: November 29, 2012, 07:03:50 am »
I'm a fan.  Pretty cool game you got here.  I like the upside-down breakout style.

You may want to consider making the blocks a bit more distinguishable from the background.  I didn't have any trouble with it but I could tell that other people most likely will.  Also have you thought about slowing the ball down a bit, or speeding up the spaceship?  It's real hard to stay with it, and abduct people.

Creative game so far though and I'd play it for sure.

Game Ideas / Re: Looking for feedback on my Action/RPG Destiny Island
« on: November 28, 2012, 12:07:15 pm »
Updated the demo!

-I forgot to upload it last time so all the things I did new are now in it.
-Play the Minotaur and use the skill assigned to the hotkey "Q" to see the awesome Ground Slam ability.
-Q and E are the hotkeys for using spells.  You will be able to assign the ones you want to them in the future.  Only the Minotaur and Vampire have demonstrated spells pre-assigned for testing purposes.
-Began putting the talent trees together for those two classes as well.  Click the inventory button on the top right of the in game HUD to see them. 

Game Ideas / Re: Looking for feedback on my Action/RPG Destiny Island
« on: November 26, 2012, 02:48:50 pm »
Yeah, I want to avoid anything that will make the game feel stale or monotonous.

My vision is to make it as fluid as possible with the combat.  I've had to come up with new strategies in order to get the skill casting to happen quick, precise, and also feel satisfying.  Each class is very different as well. 

I do have most of the stats, skills, spells, and talents written down, and recently began work on monster stats.  I plan to use different combinations of monsters on each level, as well as progressively introduce more and more new monsters as you progress.  I don't want to get involved in making it as complex as possible like a full on RPG, but I want to give the player as much freedom to customize their experience as possible. 

You're so right.  That's one thing a lot of people don't realize is that making a game like this, or even any game at all, takes a lot of thought.  I enjoy writing stats though :D

Game Ideas / Re: Looking for feedback on my Action/RPG Destiny Island
« on: November 26, 2012, 12:19:33 pm »
Okay, I know you guys have heard enough of this game, but I want feedback from developers like YOU, because I trust the stencyl community :).

I work on it for hours every day and I figured I would show you guys a few more snapshots of what I've been up to, just to show you the quality level I am trying to achieve for Destiny Island.  Yes I know you want to kill stuff in the demo, but if I showed you what I had for combat now, you would be dissapointed.

I'm in the process of increasing the library of monsters, and different types of spawners that create them.  I have the Title screen, Intro level, and "Training" level in the demo, and I have nearly completed the first game level where you will kill tons of mobs, find keys, loot, and pick an exit to the next islands.

Where am I in the character creation right now?  Well that is a fantastic question I'm glad you brought it up! :D

-All 6 classes walking animations/events/collision are complete.
-All classes basic attack animations/events/collision are complete.
-All Skills/Spells have a unique graphical targeting system with different mechanics.
-Minotaur class's "Ground Slam" Skill animations, and targeting complete.  You can see it in the latest demo I have posted here.
-Vampire class's "Blood Nova" spell targeting complete, but I want to re-do the animations for it.  You can also see it in the demo.
-Vampire class's "Fang Bang" missle spell targeting complete.  No cast animation yet, but you can check out the targeting for it.

In game HUD has been my focus for the past few days.
-You can see if you have any of the 4 key types in the HUD bar now.
-HP Potion, MP potion, Map, Inventoy, and Options animations for hover and click were added.  You can click on them, but the only button that does anything is the Inventory button.
-Inventory menu has been designed and almost completed. 
-Each class has a different graphical Inventory menu for their skill trees. 

And much more is being worked on.

Game Ideas / Re: Black: Pixel Ninja
« on: November 25, 2012, 03:37:17 pm »
I'm very happy to see another person who is sticking to a game and wanting to see it finished.  I'm right there with you Photon!  I want to see the finished product, because Pixel Ninja is a well thought out game, and you have done a great job getting us excited about it :D.

I'd love to do some testing for you anytime just let me know.

Latest Demo! 11/28/12

Destiny Island----
-Randomized loot system.  For real.  Drops and bonus stats are randomly generated, and if you're lucky you will get a rare bonus stat or two. 
-6 classes to choose from.
-Skill/Talent tree lets you customize your playing experience, and drastically increase the replayability factor.
-Non-linear gameplay lets you pick which islands to explore next, and a world map prevents you from losing your way.  Islands will be color coded at their entry points to let you know the recommended level you may need to survive.

My vision for this game is not to make an RPG with a rich storyline, slow battles, and towns.  Destiny Island is an action/rpg/shooter/adventure that has tons of enemies coming at you and attacking you in real time.  I made a fantastic skill/spell targeting system that is very much like League of Legends if you have ever played that game.

Instead of Towns, Menus, and Inns that create a lot of downtime, I have created these portals that you stand on if you would like to save your game, or buy/sell loot.  They are all around Destiny Island, and allow you to jump right back into the action.

I have created many types of monsters that all act differently and have different HP, Damage, Skills.  Monsters come in waves from spawners that I have created.  They are triggered by walking into their area, or may be triggered by a specific event in the game.  You must destroy the spawner to prevent it from summoning more monsters, or to find a key to get to the next level. 

Each level is a different island with different exit paths to more islands.  You will have to complete the level using different color coded keys to open doors, and sometimes you will have to destroy some epic monsters.  Since I created an RPG without a story, I may choose to create mini-stories or sidequests on certain islands.

I may implement some code to make the monsters stronger as you level up so you can go back and farm for more loot or something.  That, or I multiply enemy stats for hardcore mode.

Movement - WASD
Basic Attack - Left Mouse Button
**Skills are still under graphical construction but if you want to see a preview check out the Vampire Class**
Skill Preset 1 - Q 
Skill Preset 2 - E
**Inventory, and map are still under graphical construction**
HP Potion - 1
MP Potion - 2

Latest Sneak Peek---

Title screen, Level to choose your class, and a level that teaches you how the game works are included.  Stay tuned for level one soon!
I also created the HUD that has working HP, MP, and EXP bars. 

Let me know what you think!  I do all the art and programming.  Soundtrack by DST royalty free

Updated original post, and uploaded the latest sneak peek.

lol yeah I will add a playable level soon where you can test out the combat for me.  I had mobs in my previous sneak peek, but I had to remove them to create the intro level where you choose your class.

I use Corel Painter 11 to draw the graphics.  I love that program.

I'm glad you like them, and I can't wait to show you more :D.

hdesign those mobs were made pretty much for target practice.  You are right though, I am working on adjusting attack speeds, rates, and movement speeds.

I updated it with the title screen, and you can now select 1 of 6 classes to mess around with. No mobs, its just to showcase the beginning and classes :).

Let me know your honest opinions!

Windows / Mac / Flash / HTML5 / Re: Destiny Island - Sneak Peek
« on: November 19, 2012, 12:34:47 pm »
Thanks for the compliment!

Yeah I gotta write down a list of what all my attributes will be at level 1 and find a good attack speed, attack rate, etc.

From the time I posted the gameplay demo, I redid the Blood Wave skill animation to 15 frames of a sort of "Blood Nova" type graphic that looks a lot better.

I also setup more targeting systems for skills that will shoot out from the player towards the mouse, and aura/aoe type skills.

My Minotaur class now has a basic attack where he throws spinning axes.  (Every class will have ranged basic attacks).  I can't wait to show you guys the other 5 classes and how they look, but I'm gonna wait til I can really impress you guys with a couple fully made levels, a title screen, and HUD/Inventory/Loot system.

Question: How do I get the mobs' attacks to not increase firing rate over time?  I have code blocks that say "Do every 1.5 seconds", but it seems to be multiplying over time somehow.

Moved thread to the game ideas forum, and will keep it there for now.,

I followed Abigale's tutorial instructions on how to get the bullets to fire from the actor center towards the location of the mouse.

With the attached code that I've quadruple checked for errors, it is working with some issues.

The "bullet" actor IS being created at my character, although it isn't the center of it.  They come from the bottom right of the character. I have the characters origin in the center.

The bullets are moving at the correct velocity, but they are not going towards the mouse's location.  If I move the mouse towards the bottom right of my screen (outside the bounds of the game), I can find the origin of where it is calculating where the center of the actor is.  I don't understand why it is doing this so maybe you guys can spot a problem in my code.


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