Starting a Project. READ.


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Im recently starting a video game project and I need some support. Maybe some experienced users.
I would like to make a game like "Making Monkeys" with great graphics, etc.

If you think that you can help me please Inbox me as soon as possible.



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I think you'll find that you're only going to generate interest if you can sell them on the project. Think about Kickstarter - projects that do well are the ones that sell the idea well. Around here, Time is the currency (after all, time is money!) and if you want someone to give you their time, you need to sell them on the idea. A better description of what you want to do is strongly suggested.

Also, if you need support feel free to post your questions in the forums, obviously. That's what we're here for.
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Probably should have posted this in Developer Exchange but meh.

Like Hectate stated you need to sell the idea better. You need to have a wee bit more details about the plan. What your experiences are, what you will contribute, and what you are looking for.


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I need a group of people that can help develop a good game.

                                                Our Plans
- Around 15 Levels
- The main goal is to reach the flag.
- There will be a diffrent amount of flags in each level.
- In order to complete the level and continue, you must collect all the flags succesfully.
- There will be diffrent characters which you can choose from.
- A website will be made, with walkthroughs,hiscrores and more.
- The game will be an input in the website to it could be played from there.
- There will be obstacles in the game.
- You have to use your knowledge.
- Strategy
And more to come..

                                                           What we need!
- Experienced users (Designers,etc.)
- Whoever has made a game before
- Anyone who can help us make a great game.

If you can help us form a group of game developers please inbox me as soon as possible

More information about the game will come later on.



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Please don't make duplicate threads; I merged them and moved to Developer Exchange.  As far as your proposal goes, it is still pretty vague, and you still haven't mentioned what your role is and if there is any payment involved.


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I think the best way to make a great game is collaborations, so you are in the right path in that matter. However, as Rob said, you need to tell us more about your proposal, what kind of talent are you looking for, what's your experience, what kind of deal do you offer... You need to explain a little better what do you need, but more important, what do you offer. Good luck with your project!

By the way: "Starting a Project. READ" and "inbox me as soon as possible" could sound a little bossy to some developers, you might want to be more kind to get some team mates (and whip them later! Muahaha!). Just a suggestion.

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We all want to make a "great game." I don't think your going to do to well if you have nothing to offer other then orders. 


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uh even some vague place-holder art screenshot would be nice.

You can make some pretty screenshots just with stock photos and little art like this.

Then add some description like that;
The story is simple.You are the pilot of an advanced Spearhead experimental spaceship, and you are sent in the galaxy to fight of 15 powerful commanders, which each holds a mysterious artifact called "Flag".Every boss requires you to prove your tactical skills and your cunning control.Then if you can't watch the walktrough and retry.Ah, and you can change characters which you play with!

Help needed to make this concept reality!
ps: please!
ps2:maybe i'll send you cookies!

Maybe the project will fail, but i wouldn't regret spending time with a friendly developer:D
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The OP has two posts and was last active on the 7th. I don't think he's interested anymore.
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