Cant get Admob ads to run on my mobile App (Android) Already uploaded to Amazon


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I have followed guides on how to set up Admob in Stencyl 3.0 but it doesn't  seem to load them?

I have inserted my Admob publisher I.D.  number into Stencyl, settings, mobile, monetization, See pic (Game Settings)

And have set up the blocks as follows (when creating , show mobile ads) See pic (Blocks)

I have tried to put my Admob publisher  I.D . With just the numbers ( 2933491533xxxxxx ) and also tried to put it as you see it on the Admob website ( pub-2933491533xxxxxx ) See pic (Admob pic) but still nothing?

Also tried to include this line that includes the ad number. I inserted just the numbers only ( Ad unit ID: ca-app-pub-2933491533xxxxxx/8948xxxxxx ) still no go?

I have  already uploaded my game on Amazon, its a free App so I am not making any money off of it, but would like to add adverts so that I can.

Can someone guide me on this!

I have partly deleted my Publisher I.d, email, app name in the pictures

Please help


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It seems like you are using a very old version of Stencyl since I can see there is an "AdWhirl SDK Key" field in your settings. Try to download the latest version of Stencyl. You should see something like the attached image below.
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Hey thanks will try it out then ill post soon


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I upgraded to Stencyl (7305) and now my Apps wont build in mobile-Android?

It will run in Flash?  I have uploaded the log .

I've tried everything to make my App compile for Android, I don't know why this update has thrown my App's out?

Just wanted to add adverts to my App and now I have more problems then the last one  :'(

I don't want to remake it as it took me a few months to build, also the demo's  I downloaded in the previous Stenclyl build wont build in Mobile-Android????????

Any suggestions?

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I tried to start over with a new game, so I selected (Create a new game-Blank game) then added a blank level with the mobile ad block and inserted my Admod details into (Setting-Mobile-Monetization)

Then build it in (Mobile-Android) and get the same result!  See pic 1

But it builds and runs in flash?

What the hell?


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Hi guys,  I know i've been posting this on alot of the threads around the forum but I'm really not sure how to build in the extension or to use the build in app.  I've put in my publisher key and added show app, but im just not sure if its working?  Do i have to publish the game on google play beforehand?  thanks alot fellas, help is much appreciated for  a budding stencyler :D