iOS 9. , Xcode 7


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Hello ,
This is a suggestion for a bug there is in Stencyl and Xcode 7
If you get a message of an error of bitcode testing the game with iOS , even with a new game and one actor, it is because  Xcode by default has bitcode ON.
And all the components , targets and frameworks have to have ON the bitcode to compile.
Just go to the proj.xconfig and change this.   Enable_bitcode::YES::   To NO. 
after the  Xcode by default will compile with bitcode off always.
As Apple says this is optional.  So you can publish the game still. 

Plaf-haxe -lib-lime-lime-legacy-templates-ios-proj.xconfig

and also
Plaf-haxe -lib-lime-lime-templates-ios-proj.xconfig


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Yes . This also a solution . For prior of iOS 6 version bitcode gets off by its self.
Unless one has to declare a minimum version of his software-application maybe not before is6 or ios7.
Is it going to be an update of Stencyl compiling with bitcode on?
I know that just few components also other manufactures have not  update their code to support bitcode yet.



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We're going to default to having it off for the time being.